Lwah Ndlunkulu “Imizwa Album” Review

Read Our Review Of Lwah Ndlunkulu's New Album "Imizwa"

Nkabi Records star Lwah Ndlunkulu has finally blessed her growing fan base with her debut album “Imizwa.” Check out our extensive review of the new album.

One of the best things Big Zulu’s famous record label, Nkabi Records, has done is to present some incredible talents to South Africa. We must confess that it has been exciting discovering them on their own. Lwah Ndlunkulu is one of the artists who have stood out and made a huge impression on fans.

The talented female artist first gained solo attention in 2021 when she collaborated with Sjava on the song “Home.” It was the best way to announce herself. She returned a year later with Siya Ntuli on the song “iThuba,” which also reminded Mzansi of how well she could handle herself on the music scene. We are glad to see that she’s finally setting off on her own with a full-length album for the fans she’s garnered so far.

Lwah Ndlunkulu’s debut album is titled “Imizwa,” and she made it as personal as expected. The album was released over the weekend of 24 November, and she did a splendid job in her delivery of the tracks.

Cover Art

Lwah Ndlunkulu – Imizwa Album

Some say that the cover art of a project is as significant as the songs on the album. Of course, this is all true. A good Cover art can attract the right attention to the album. It can also give life to the songs as they play. Looking at the cover art for Lwah Ndlunkulu’s new “Imizwa,” you can tell that so much thought was put into it.

The talented singer is dressed in her traditional attire, and her hair is made to match. She also has the look of someone who has waited so long to show fans what she can do.

Lwah Ndlunkulu is not a stranger to making good music. She has gained praise for her songs and also garnered millions of streams across various platforms. Her song “iThuba,” which features contributions from Siya Ntuli, is one of the popular tracks on the album. It was released as a single in 2022.

Another popular song on the project is “Ngiyeza.” The song, which sees her flying solo, was released in January this year. “Eyami” was released in August as the third official single from the album and has also gained positive feedback from the fans. Some of the tracks from the album have also become fan favourites since it dropped last Friday.

Tracklist & Features

We all love an artist who plans their music well. Lwah Ndlunkulu’s “Imizwa” houses 12 tracks and features contributions from a few guest acts, including DR BUSELAPHI, Siya Ntuli, and Big Zulu. While she delivered incredible performances from the start of the album till it finished, her guest artists also met her where she needed them. Lwah also owned the album well and proved it was her gift to her growing fan base.


Big Zulu’s Nkabi Records has had Mzansi in a tight grip since they began dominating the airwaves with good music. Lwah Ndlunkulu is one of the artists who have made a name for themselves and charted their course. The soulful singer put a lot of work into her debut album, making it into the masterpiece that it is.

The “Imizwa” is as traditional as you would expect. You might also call it a signature style for everyone at Nkabi Records. Also, Lwah’s vocal delivery on each track will undoubtedly earn her praise from the fans. The already-released singles sound fresh while being played alongside the new ones. Be sure to check the album out.


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