MFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP – The Game Changers Album Review

A Full Review Of MFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP's "The Game Changers" Album

MFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP – The Game Changers Album Review

MFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP have recently released their joint project, “The Game Changers,” and it’s a great one. Both hitmakers are famous for their ability to make hits. Fans knew their coming together would lead to an array of jams no one can deny.

Mfr Souls last released an album in December last year. The project was titled “Elements Of Life” and housed eight tracks. It also featured contributions from some of the most prominent artists in the industry, including Ndoni, Bassie, Sipho Magudulela, MaWhoo, Aymos, Shane, Mdu aka TRP, and more. They all did a fantastic job on it.

Mdu aka TRP, on the other hand, dropped his last album, “Two Sides Of My Story,” in March 2022. The project housed 25 tracks and featured contributions from Spumante, Decency, Semi Tee, Kabza De Small, Dinky Kunene, Da Muziqal Chef, and more. They all did a fantastic job on it.

Mfr Souls and Mdu first gave fans a hint at their forthcoming collaboration when they dropped “The Game (Amapiano Bootleg)” in July this year. The song has been a mild success since it was released. No doubt, their new project will do even better on the airwaves.

Cover Art

“The Game Changers” album cover

There is nothing better than a great album with an album cover art to match. Imagine listening to the best tracks and looking at the cover simultaneously. No better fulfillment, right? Well, Mfr Souls and Mdu aka TRP, certainly got it right with the cover art for “The Game Changers” album.

It features side-by-side photos of the three of them. The images are neatly arranged in a manner that makes each one of the three feel well represented. It is also done in black and white, making the focus sharper. There is no denying the fact that they did a great job on that.

The most popular track on the album so far is the first single, “The Game (Amapiano Bootleg).” As we mentioned earlier, the song has been a mild success since it was released in July. Since the album dropped, several tracks have gained more airplay from fans than the rest.

The first track, “Praise (Intro),” featuring Silas Africa and Moscow On Keyz, is doing better than the rest. Other singles that have earned love from fans include “The Way You Do” featuring Malaika M, “Abalele” featuring Khanya Greens & Makhanj, and, of course, the album’s title track, “The Game Changers.”

Tracklist & Features

We must confess that it was a genius decision for these two hitmakers to come together and make a record. They certainly put a lot of work into it. “The Game Changers” album houses a total of ten tracks, not your usual Mdu aka TRP album length, but that’s okay. It also features some of the biggest and most talented names on the scene, including Silas Africa, Moscow On Keyz, Malaika M, Khanya Greens, Makhanj, Mashudu, DSax, Bassie, LastBorn, and Mick Man. They all did a fantastic job on the project.


Mfr Souls and Mdu aka TRP have each made their marks on the scene as reputable hitmakers. With the song “The Game (Amapiano Bootleg),” fans were convinced that a storm was coming to the airwaves. We must confess that they did not disappoint.

The beauty of the new project is how well it represents the Piano scene. That must have been the aim. If there is anything they are about, it has been pushing the Piano movement to massive heights. They not only worked well with each other but also made good music with their guest acts. This is undoubtedly a good Amapiano album to vibe to this week.


rack NumberTitleArtistsFeatured Artists
1Praise (Intro)MFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPSilas Africa & Moscow on Keyz
2The Way You DoMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPMalaika M
3AbaleleMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPKhanya Greens & Makhanj
4SeasonsMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP
5Sizo BuyaMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPMashudu & Dsax
6The Game (Amapiano Bootleg)MFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP
7ImiyaloMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPMakhanj, Bassie & Moscow on Keyz
8The Game ChangersMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRP
9AmapholasMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPLastborn
10Stuff ThatMFR Souls & Mdu aka TRPMick Man