Nasty C And DJ Whoo – ZULU Mixtape (Track By Track) Review

“ZULU” Mixtape is not Nasty C’s most anticipated body of work this year. “Zulu Man With Some Power” album is. However, the release of the album is on hold as Nasty C fires other projects, the most recent being his “ZULU” mixtape, a collaborative work with the American disc hockey and producer DJ Whoo Kid.

“ZULU” Mixtape was announced before its release, so, expectedly, among fans and followers of pop culture, anticipation was high. The body of work is here right now, and fans are pleased with it. We may as well add that we are, too.

Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid’s “ZULU” mixtape comprises 11 tracks, with T. I., Mishlawi, Crowned Yung making the guest list.

Nasty C And DJ Whoo Kid – “ZULU” Mixtape Tracklist

  1. Poetry Ft. DJ Whoo Kid
  2. We Made It
  3. You Know What It Is Ft. Mishlawi
  4. Palm Trees
  5. Screeched Ft. Crowned Yung
  6. Eazy
  7. High Key
  8. Steve Harvey
  9. Not the Same
  10. I’m Sorry
  11. They Don’t Ft. T.I

1. Poetry Ft. DJ Whookid & T.I

As an introductory track to the “ZULU” mixtape, “Poetry” is an attention-grabber, suckling you into the world of its sound, a world you should be pleased to be in and even find yourself amenable to invite others into.

In the intro we find T.I spitting his bars and what he is looking for in an artiste. That thing is individuality. Just be yourself, man. Everything else might fall into place, including the letters of your success.

In the following verses, the listener gains entrance into the artistic world of the musicians – the progress made from nothing and the hope for sunnier days, without the towels of a threnody.

2. We Made It

“We Made It,” the second track on the “ZULU” Mixtape, is instantly lovable for, among others, its robust affirmation of self and the pronounced indifference to the voices opposing this affirmation. We Made It, man. Fuck what your Twitter says. Fuck what the Gram says.

It is hard not to love this song, especially if you came from the dirt and now seat on diamonds. The people might talk all they want. Let them talk; you are here for the more hunnids. And when death comes – as surely it will – let them continue talking as you go home in a limo. Fuck what they say, man.

3. You Know What It Is Ft. Mishlawi

In “You Know What It Is,” the listener gingerly steps into the world of lost trust, and betrayal. The persona here will forgive, but forget? No way! The tone is dark and didactic, fortunately not cloying.

For those who have lost focus and those who are avid blamers of the system and not their lack of ambition and drive, this song might provoke a rethink. There’s light just ahead of you, but are you ready to fight to get there, or you’re better off on the duvet of insolence?

Go win!

4. Palm Trees

“Palm Trees” bears one of the shortest verses in the compilation, but then it manages to say so much. By the time you’re done listening to this number, your thoughts should be lined with the palm trees of joie-de-vivre.

In this number, the listener encounters a “pompous” rap figure declaiming his love for the good life in all its colours: jewels, expensive shoes, and wine and women. If you are a starched figure with no care for the good life and its little “sins,” man, best you avoid this verse, else you might find yourself desiring a stroll into this plane.

5. Screeched Ft. Crowned Yung

Nasty C and Crowned Yung share great musical synergy that is hard to miss. Their collaborative track “Screeched” is an instant antidote to boredom. It is hard to listen to this song and not experience a wave of lyrical energy. It is one of our favorites in this compilation, and we’re confident you’re going to love it.

“Screeched” interrogates a couple’s relationship and some zany bends it houses. The language is pretty charged and you might draw some warmth from listening to the song. No qualms, go listen to it and draw all the energy you can, for the imminent weekend. You should love the experience, man.

6. Eazy

“Eazy” might be the tune, but Nasty C isn’t taking it easy on his raps. In this track, as in previous numbers, we encounter a rapper confident in his gift and amenable to show the world that much.

“Eazy” is pretty easy on the soul – not an instant classic but a song to remember. Nasty C released the song much earlier, as a single. And in fact not many had anticipated the song will make to the tracklist of his collaborative “ZULU” mixtape.

The song popped online following Nasty C’s signing to Def Jam Africa. Some fans had criticized the song, alleging that the “Zulu Man With Some Power” sounds like a rapper of Atlanta stock. Well, Nasty C has never hidden the fact that some Atlanta rappers form part of his musical influences.

From the lyrics of the song, it is clear “EAZY” was initially part of the yet to be released “Zulu Man With Some Power” album. It is unknown why the songster elected to include it in his “ZULU” mixtape.

No regrets, though. “Eazy” is one of the strongest numbers in the compilation, and just about every successful person out there can relate to it, musician or not.

“Eazy” is the rapper’s reaction to someone who knows him from his poor years, years of struggles and obscurity. Apparently the person cannot process the new reality that “this boy” done reach there already. (Condone the pidgin.) Hate and envy intrude.

The rapper makes it clear he’s seen changes and implores the person (unnamed) to take it easy. Clearly, the rapper doesn’t care much for the change of attitude towards him. He is here to make more money. Looks like the way to go. Or what do you think?

7. High Key

“High Key” might leave you drunken, especially if you’re part of Africa’s politically conscious. Perhaps not. But we have no qualms saying we love this song and desire you should listen to it – even before continuing with the review. Yup.

The song has got luminous political undertones that should get you thinking about Africa’s political destiny. That should be it, man. Just light up the verse and smoke it.

6. Steve Harvey

“Steve Harvey.” What comes to mind immediately is the American comedian, and host of Family Feud and other shows. But is this song about him? You might want to find out.

Here’s a little clue, though. The song takes you through the world of coffee, coition and cash. Sounds interesting, right? Come on, then, and immerse yourself in this rambunctious verse.

9. Not the Same

“Not the Same” takes the listener into a new world – a world of equally agreeable sound… a world to be in. It’s another favourite of ours. In this song, you encounter the audacity of being and becoming. It’s hard not to love “Not The Same,” which plays for much longer than some other tracks in the compilation.

10. I’m Sorry

The river of contrition overflows in the track “I’m Sorry.” For all his misdemeanor, including facing the bottle and ignoring his lady, the rapper cries out loud, “I’m Sorry.” But is he sincerely apologetic? You gotta find out by listening to the track, man.

The song has great emotional appeal and might swing some girls. Not all.

11. They Don’t Ft. T.I

“They Don’t” is probably one of the most engaging track in the compilation. It is timely and delivered in such forceful language that will force you to your feet. This is one song that should be rapped standing.

“They Don’t” takes the listener into the morbid world of racism in the United States – the experience of the black man and his sporadic voice of resistance. The inspiration for this song is probably the recent killing of George Floyd by cops in Minneapolis, and the national protest his killing provoked.

“They Don’t” is a very important number in this compilation and it is recommended listening. Join the listening party, mate.

Nasty C And DJ Whoo Kid’s “ZULU” Mixtape is a work of incontrovertible merit. The appeal transcends the world of hip hop, of course. For the breadth of its theme and the sheer force of its language “ZULU” mixtape stands out.

You might wish to update your playlist with this mixtape. It is worth possessing.

We invite you to stream the mixtape on Audiomack below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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