Nkosazana Daughter – Uthingo Le Nkosazana Album Review

These days, almost everything revolves around social media, and every artist worth the name makes it a point to utilize social media platforms to keep their fans updated about their music and life generally.

One artist who is making pretty good use of social media is the Nkosazana Daughter. The amapiano singer has just released an amapiano album partly named for her, “Uthingo Le Nkosazana.” Before the release of the project, though, she had informed her fans of what was on the way.

“Hey guys I am excited to share with you…” so began her Instagram notification about the project she was about to release. And true to her words, she actually dropped the album. You are welcome to follow us as we dissect the recently released project.

Cover Art/ Artwork

Cover arts or artworks are more like windows into projects as they often give clues into the thematic leaning of the project, the artist’s state of mind and so forth. Rarely are artworks created for the hell of them and not to pass a message or tell a story or convey something relating to an album, one way or the other.

The songstress opted for a minimalist design steeped in pink. Her sexuality is said to be straight, so it is unlikely the adoption of pink has anything to do with the “rainbow collective.” More likely than not, her adoption of pink stems from a love for the colour.

Nkosazana Daughter – Uthingo Le Nkosazana Album Review 2

A look through her Instagram shows her doting pink here and there. The colour of her iPhone is pink as well. In the cover art, she could be seen in the centre position, squatting on a pedestal and looking ahead of her. Around her is the fathomless mystery of the ocean.


Amapiano, the genre of this body of work, is the in-thing in South Africa. And, usually, producers of amapiano music are usually generous when they are dropping albums or EPs. The tracklist is pretty dense.

Nkosazana Daughter followed this tradition in her latest album, serving 12 appetizing musical suya for the hungry. The compilation begins with “Amaphuta” and ends with “I’m In Love With A Foreigner,” a collaborative tune with Young Jonn.

Between those numbers are tracks like “Ngeke Ngeke,” “Ring Ring Ring,” “Come Duze,” “Valentine,” and “Cise Nga Catcher” – and we’re still counting!

Nkosazana Daughter – Uthingo Le Nkosazana Album Review 3

Key Songs

In almost every project, some songs stand out more than others. The listener has more connection with some songs than he has with others. The very first number in the compilation is one such song.

“Amaphutha” is a product of profound, soulful affirmation – that burning love you have for someone that makes you overlook their faults and shortcoming and generally ignore the negatives you’re hearing about them.

“Buqamama Eduze,” a collaborative tune with Mashudu and Kabza De Small, is another key number from the compilation. It brings to life the all too familiar reality of parents forming ideas on what their kids will be in the future, and the kids not exactly following that path


In “Uthingo Le Nkosazana,” the songstress was fairly ambitious in her thematic preoccupations, serving themes of love, spirituality, devotion, and of course, a love for life!


The songstress did not take a solo walk with her project but co-opted her associates. The album features several notable names in South Africa;’s piano and house music orbits, including  Master KG, Lowsheen, Sir Trill, Murumba Pitch, Kabza De Small, and Mashudu.

Other guests include Chronical Deep, Thackzindj, DJ Maphorisa, Makhadzi, Major League DJz, Luudadeejay and DJ Givy Baby

Summing Up

It is obvious that Nkosazana Daughter took her time creating this project. It is a beauty to behold and the musical synergy with some of her guests, especially Murumba Pitch, cannot be missed. “Uthingo Le Nkosazana” is at once a testament of love and faith and we have no qualms asking you to check it out.

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