Sha Sha “Woza” Song Review

Read our review of Sha Sha’s new jam “Woza”.

It would be hard to not love Amapiano vocalist, Sha Sha. How could you not? With vocals more soulful than a nightingale’s, Sha Sha has drenched a lot of souls in her glorious vocal magic.

It is no wonder she snagged the much coveted BET Award for Best New International Act. She has a way of never leaving your head after you’ve heard her sing.

Sha Sha made a come back to the scene with her most recent song titled “Woza”. You guessed right, it is an Amapiano song that practically works it’s way around her voice.

The song starts off with what seems like ancestral drums playing. This first invites you to dance but not immediately. It gives the impression that there is a dance waiting to happen somewhere in the song. It goes on for a few seconds before the song takes form and welcomes her vocals with the word “Mamelani”.

Is it just us or does she sing like she’s in her head, where she is the freest. Well, she does. The song soon takes full form and she sort of chants “Ha ye, Ha ye, Ha Iyoh” and summons the listener to “Dance with me tonight, I will be your fire“. It goes on and on, and then loses tempo as everything screeches to an unforeseen halt. Just the perfect, Sha Sha.

You wouldn’t be wrong to call “Woza” a dance track. That’s exactly what it is. Although it isn’t the usual kind that a lot of the hit Amapiano songs are. It sort of builds up tempo and falls short. However, it remains consistent as the song comes to an end. That’s when the drums take centre stage like they did at the beginning. Great start, and an even better finish.

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