Song Review: Bucy Radebe – Uzugcin’impilo Yam’

Check out our review of Bucy Radebe’s hit Gospel song “Uzugcin’impilo Yam'” which is taken from her previously released album “Spiritual Encounter”.

One of the most beautiful things about the Gospel songs which were released last year is that they contained messages of hope and trust in God’s unfailing love and grace. That was particularly what we needed especially while we faced the crippling pandemic which hit every part of the world.

Bucy Radebe stunned the country when she dropped her beautifully formed album “Spiritual Encounter”. We all couldn’t get enough of it. One of the most listened to songs on the project is the very assuring “Uzugcin’impilo Yam'”. As simple as it sounds, the song contains a message that has stuck with many.

The song features a recycled thumping beat with a slowed down tempo and minimal instrumentals. Bucy’s strong vocals leads the way into the beautiful track as she sings assuredly of God’s grace over her life and her health. The choir that backs her repeats harmonically the songs that she sings.

She also continues to sing about putting her trust in God. The beauty of the song is in the certainty of its lyrics. It sort of gives off a give and take vibe where she practically says “I’ll walk with you because you have proven to be faithful”. The song lyrics make up the entire song. While the instrumentals form the background on which the song is built, the lyrics is what makes it even more beautiful.

Bucy leads the choir in a repetition of words about God’s faithfulness. They sing about how He protects their soul, their health, and more. Then, they sing about walking with Him. It is formed in typical Mzansi fashion. It is no wonder it is a favourite on the album.

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