Song Review: Mi Casa – Mamela

Read our review of Mi Casa’s newest song “Mamela”.

Mzansi duo, Mi Casa raised the bar last year with the release of their song “Mamela”. The song fast caught attention in the airwaves and also on the charts. With everyone talking about it, here’s what we think.

At the start of the song, you get the impression that it would feature an up tempo from start till finish. However, that isn’t how it is. It doesn’t take long for the song to establish its laid back vibe. That sort of forms the background of the song and goes on till it ends.

J’Something’s very soothing vocals introduce the song as sings about getting away with his lover. His voice immediately blends into the feel of the song and makes you focus on it as everything syncs. Things get even more exciting when the sax begins to play. It is almost a soothing romantic celebration. The perfect song for a romantic getaway or even a rendezvous.

Mi Casa has been known to make music for people in love and also to spread fun and cheer. On this song, they blend those two qualities together and deliver a tune that’s not just romantic but is also a happy listen. The song hook is also easy to remember. Be warned, you might find yourself singing the words Subconsciously even after the first listen.

“Mamela” is just a simple song that flies on the wings of a love story. A short one even, for lovers who just want time to with each other. Imagine going on a road trip with the person you love and playing it. It is just blissful, like the words in your heart when you communicate with your eyes only. The song’s production is beautiful and the delivery and ambience is just perfect.

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