Stixx “Test of Time” Album Review

Musicians pop into the entertainment universe every other day And while their numbers might snag attention and people get to listen to them, special attention is often paid to albums. The reasons are obvious enough.

For one, an album is more encapsulating and gives a broader view of an artist’s creative universe. One can have a better perspective about a musician from an album than from a single. Not surprisingly, people pay attention to albums just like the musicians themselves.

A debut album is of particular interest and significance because it opens avenues into the creative orbit of the artist, as well as determines how the public reacts to or relates with the artists in the months that follow the release of the project.

So, for instance, a first album that resonates with many people is more likely to win fans for the artists and provoke interest in what next he might release, than a mediocre production that leaves fans yawning. Anyway, South African DJ and record producer Stixx is the man of the moment, having just released his debut album, “Text of Time.” Tag along as we interrogate the project in this article.


the cover art of artwork of an album is rarely ever a random doodle. More often than not, special attention is paid to its creation to give an idea about the project and what it aims to project one way or the other. But can be same be said of Stixx’s?

We would say yes, the reason for which will follow in a bit. The songster opted to have a dark and understated cover – a picture of him sitting somewhere. Everywhere is dark, except for the spotlight bulb illuminating his face. The songster would have y’all focus on him and his work – at least for the moment.

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“Test of Time” is a 15-track dance compilation beginning with a number dubbed “11:11 (Intro)” and ending with “Dlala Stixx.” Between those numbers are tunes like “Malume,” “Cry of War,” “Tanzanian Prayer,”  “Hello” and “Love Confessions” – to name a few.


In an album of this length, it shouldn’t be surprising that Stixx should opt to work with a couple of guests. It is unclear what informed his choice of features, but as you will find out in a bit, he had a good flow with the musicians he elected to work with.

First off, Stixx held court solo, singing alone in the intro to the album. The second song was also without a guest. he only started adopting guest artists from the third number in the project. Among those he worked with are Mzizi, Nvcho, Mohau Sax, Nanette, Makhanj, Mia Pearl, Mpho Spizzy and Mathandos.

From the list, it could be seen that some pretty memorable names got to work with Stixx on his debut offering.

Key songs

Some songs standing out more than others is nothing novel or out of place. Out of the tracks in a project, some are bound to resonate with the audience more than others. That is exactly the case here.

We would point to track 3, “Love Confessions,” track 7, “Cry of War,” and track 13, “Msamaria,” among those that resonated with us. Of course, the list is by no means comprehensive.


1 11:11 Stixx & Mzizi 4:29
2 Tanzanian Prayer Stixx 7:28
3 Love Confession (feat. Mohau Sax, Nvcho & Reed) Stixx 10:54
4 Hello (feat. Nvcho & Mzizi) Stixx 7:26
5 Ndaba Zami (feat. Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N & Mathandos) Stixx 8:31
6 Isimilo (feat. Nanette & Reed) Stixx 7:27
7 Cry of War Stixx & Jay Sax 9:13
8 Ndikunikile (feat. Makhanj, Nia Pearl & Mzizi) Stixx & DBN Gogo 7:34
9 Maskandi Cry (feat. Mpho Spizzy) Stixx 7:26
10 Carribean 7 Colours (feat. Zwayetoven) Stixx 7:23
11 Malume (feat. Nvcho) Stixx 8:08
12 Autumn Leaves (feat. Xolani Guitars & Jay Sax) Stixx & Kelvin Momo 11:36
13 Msamaria (feat. Baby S.O.N & Mzizi) Stixx 7:01
14 Test of Time (feat. Jay Sax & Zwayetoven) Stixx 8:05
15 Dlala Stixx (feat. Nvcho & Mathandos) Stixx 7:21


Stixx didn’t settle for one but a couple of terms for his debut project. He took on life, love, relationships and quotidian realities, creating a menu of experiences that are at once didactic and entertaining.

Summing Up

The album “Text of Time” by Stixx is more like a larger introductory shot and one from which the public is given a better view of his creative sinews. It is worth the playtime


Questions For You

  1. How does the album “Text of Time” reflect Stixx’s journey as a DJ and record producer in the South African music scene?
  2. In what ways does the album’s artwork, featuring a dark and understated cover with Stixx illuminated by a spotlight, symbolize the themes of the album?
  3. Why do you think Stixx chose a 15-track format for his debut album, and how does this choice impact the album’s overall narrative?
  4. How does the album’s opening track “11:11 (Intro)” set the tone for the rest of the album?
  5. What significance do the featured artists on “Text of Time” bring to the album, and how do they enhance its musical diversity?
  6. Among the key songs like “Love Confessions,” “Cry of War,” and “Msamaria,” which one resonates with you the most, and why?
  7. How does Stixx explore themes like life, love, relationships, and everyday realities in his music?
  8. What makes “Text of Time” a noteworthy debut in the context of South African music, especially in the dance and electronic genre?
  9. How does the track “Dlala Stixx” encapsulate the essence of the album as its closing piece?
  10. Considering the eclectic mix of tracks on “Text of Time,” how do you see Stixx’s musical style evolving in the future?

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