Touchline & Ginger Trill “Boyzen Da Hood” EP Review

SA Hip Hop stars Touchline & Ginger Trill have teamed up on the “Boyzen Da Hood” EP. Read our review of the project.

Every SA Hip Hop fan would agree that it has been a very good year for the genre. We have received entries from the best emcees and producers on the scene, most of which have hit the bar. Touchline has also been one of the year’s most consistent hitmakers.

After two lead releases this year, he teamed up with Ginger Trill and Mandy ZA to release the joint “Amen.” Touchline and Ginger proved that they could make great tunes together. With their latest EP, they have shown fans that they are formidable together.

There is nothing better than seeing two artists collaborate for the movement of a dope genre. In mid-October, the two hitmakers dropped the joint “Tell A Friend,” and the fans couldn’t hold their chill. The joint was followed by the Kwesta collaboration, “Movie Again.”

We might just call them one of the best artists who work well together. Their new “Boyzen Da Hood” was released on 3 November 2023, and the response has been wild. Both rappers have let their talents shine on the EP, and they made it some of their best works.

Cover Art

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If you made an album titled “Boyzen The Hood,” you would certainly want the cover to have some semblance of the hood. We must applaud Touchline and Ginger Trill for keeping things simple on the cover of their new EP.

The cover is a photo of the two rappers sitting on the hood of their cars while having a laugh together. It is everything a Hip Hop cover should be. You might say that it also celebrates unity in the Hip Hop scene, something we do not see much of in the country.

Like most projects, the new “Boyzen Da Hood” EP was promoted by a few singles before it dropped. Touchline and Ginger Trill teamed up with Mandy ZA to release the first single, “Amen.” It remains the project’s most successful track. Of course, that could change in a few weeks.

“Tell A Friend” was released as the EP’s second single. It is currently the most popular song on the EP. Also, “Movie Again” featuring Kwesta was released as the third single from the project. It has also racked up a few thousand streams. “Hennessy” and “We Up” are also mild favorites for the fans.

Tracklist & Features

Touchline’s last album, “S.O.O.N 2,” featured talented hitmakers. Ginger Trill, on the other hand, teamed up with some talented artists for his previous EP “Burn After Reading: The B.A.R Album.” While the rap stars kept things simple on the “Boyzen Da Hood” EP, they also worked with great talents on the project.

Jay Jody and Mandy ZA lent a hand on “Super Hero,” while Mandy ZA appeared as the only act in “Amen.” Kwesta contributed to the joint “Movie Again,” and Mabz lent his voice to “I Miss Me Too.” The project houses nine total tracks, with four of them being collaborations.

1 We Up Touchline & Ginger Trill 3:57
2 Tell a Friend Touchline & Ginger Trill 3:14
3 Superhero (feat. Mandy ZA) Touchline, Ginger Trill & Jay Jody 3:58
4 Amen (feat. Mandy ZA) Touchline & Ginger Trill 3:23
5 MSG (Interlude) Ginger Trill 2:30
6 Movie Again Touchline, Ginger Trill & Kwesta 4:10
7 How Can I Be Sure Touchline & Ginger Trill 3:15
8 I Miss Me Too Touchline, Mandy ZA & Mabz 4:57
9 Hennessy Touchline & Ginger Trill 3:28


Touchline and Ginger Trill aimed to make a statement with the “Boyzen Da Hood” EP. The project basically celebrates SA Hip Hop while the rap stars delivered bars throughout the tracks. They worked really well with the EP’s guest contributors, who did great work on it.

We must say that the EP’s release also marked a highlight for both artists who last dropped projects in 2022. They were mainly seen on singles until November 3, when their EP dropped. SA Hip Hop fans will certainly find tracks that resonate with them on this one.


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