Umkhokha (The Curse) – Ikhaya Lamajudiya Album Review

Read Our Extensive Review of "Ikhaya Lamajudiya" Soundtrack Album by "Umkhokha (The Curse)

Umkhokha (The Curse), one of the biggest TV shows in Mzansi has released their official soundtrack album “Ikhaya Lamajudiya” to the excitement of the fans. Showmax writes that the show “centres on the battle between the Mthembu and Gumede/Mzobe families for leadership of one of the biggest churches in KwaZulu-Natal, the Ithempile Lenkosi.”

Also, about the hit show, HostZiza explains that “The series centers on the Ithempeli Lenkosi megachurch, a revered institution that becomes embroiled in turmoil following the sudden death of its leader, Kwazi Mthembu.”

Speaking about the new soundtrack album, Director for Local Entertainment Channels Shirley Adonisi said the collaboration will give viewers more of what they have been asking for from the show.

“Umkhokha has been that viewers’ gift that keeps on giving. From its compelling storylines to the amazing star cast and now, the release of the catchy gospel-vibe music that has become synonymous with the show. We are proud to have worked with such talented producers and musicians to make this happen for our viewers and fans of the show.”

According to DStv, “The album is a body of great traditional gospel songs that have become popular through the telenovela and have been composed and arranged by the likes of musical genius Mbuso Khoza who was also featured on the show, as well the show’s Executive Producer, Duma Ndlovu.”

Cover Art

Umkhokha (The Curse) - Ikhaya Lamajudiya Album Review 2
Umkhokha (The Curse) – Ikhaya Lamajudiya Album Cover Art

The cover art for the new Umkhokha (The Curse) soundtrack album “Ikhaya Lamajudiya” keeps it simple with a picture of one of its stars posing for the camera. It is possible that the aim was the remind fans what the album is all about. Which is, bringing the story to life with music this time. The cover art is does not disappoint, and also gives a feel of the popular drama when you see it.

Every successful album has tracks that the fans or listeners believe are better than others. On the new “Ikhaya Lamajudiya” album for Umkhokha (The Curse), several songs have received more love from fans than others.

The most popular track on the album is “Imisebenzi Kamthembu.” There is no argument why it is the most popular track on the project, because it is a well made and flawlessly delivered song. Other popular tracks on the album include “Abantwana Benkosi,” “Imikhokha Yalomhlaba,” “Mvelase Wasinika,” and “Inhlalakahle (Ikhaya Lamajudiya),” which is the album’s title track. All of the other tracks have also gained so much love from the fans of the show.

Tracklist & Features

The Umkhokha (The Curse)” soundtrack album “Ikhaya Lamajudiya” contains a total of thirteen tracks. However, it only features one guest contributor, Nay Maps on the album’s last track, “Makube Njalo.”

While the album does not shine because of collabs, it focuses on traditional and Gospel themes and sounds from its beginning until it ends. As mentioned earlier, the entire project was composed and arranged by the likes of musical genius Mbuso Khoza, who was also featured on the show, as well the show’s Executive Producer, Duma Ndlovu.


Track Title Play Time
1 Imisebenzi Kamthembu 2:57
2 Mvelase Wasinika 3:05
3 Abantwana Benkosi 3:00
4 Inhlalakahle (Ikhaya Lamajudiya) 3:19
5 Wayenz’indaba Mvelase 4:48
6 Nkulunkulu Wezinyandezulu 3:00
7 Simlahle Kanjani 2:55
8 Uyoz’abuye Unkulunkulu 3:04
9 Vula Izindlebe Zami 3:07
10 Sicel’ Intethelelo 2:57
11 Imikhokha Yalomhlaba 1:41
12 Sivuse 3:20
13 Makube Njalo 2:28


“Umkhokha (The Curse)” shines as one of the biggest drama TV series airing today. According to a report shared by DStv, viewers of the series had been calling for the series’ home channel Mzansi Magic to release the music they had heard since its first season began airing.

Rhythm World Music, the record label associated with the show’s music then partnered with Mzansi Magic to release the #UmkhokhaTheCurseAlbum, “Ikhaya Lamajudiya.” We can state for a fact that it is a whole other experience listening to the songs from start till finish in an album. They certainly did a great job on it.

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