Various Artists “Bridgerton Season Two” Soundtracks Album Review

On March 25, “Bridgerton Season Two (Covers from the Netflix Series)” popped on streaming platforms, featuring the works of various artists. It was a moment of triumph for viewers who loved the soundtracks used in the series and wanted everything in one place.

Bridgerton as we know it is a Regency-era romance that sees siblings of the series’s title seeking love the way they think.

So it is not surprising that the songs in this compilation had similar thematic thus as the series itself. But there’s more. Join us then, and let us explore the world of this latest album. 


“Bridgerton Season Two” Soundtracks album is a compact collection of just ten tracks. If you think the tracklist is lean, then you have to just listen to the songs. By the time you’re done, you’d probably learn not to judge a body of work by the size of its tracklist.

In all, the tracks play for 35 minutes, and they give no reason for the listener to spurn them. They’re good.

True to its title, “Bridgeton Season Soundtrack” album is a project by various artists. Their interests might be different, but they managed to put together a compilation that is harmonious and thematically linked.

The compilation started on a good note with Vitamin String Quartet’s “Stay Away,” a song from which, interestingly, the listener might have a hard time staying away. 

American composer Chris Bowers takes over from there, with his “Material Girl” tune of a little over four minutes 

Known for the scores he’d composed for films and even video games, the composer easily holds the listeners’ attention to the end.

Hannah V and Joe Rodwell we’re next in line, creating a memorable score that will delight almost every music lover out there. Vitamin String Quartet had taken over again soon after that. 

Track five had Duomo and Tomas on the beat. They did so well together that besides nodding to their creation, one might end up hankering for more a la Oliver Twist.

Kris Bowers returns with the next track, his brilliance understated as usual. He left the mic for Steve Horner for three minutes and 28 seconds.

On the beat, Horner was more of a hornet, stinging away the boring from the listener. Duomo, Kiris Houston and Midnight String Quartet rounded off the last songs on the project.

Key Songs 

This project has several winning tunes. However, our affinity with some of them is much stronger than the others. The very first song on the project is one that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. The second song, by Kris Bowers, just cannot be missed as well. Both are as charming as can be. It doesn’t stop there, however.

Duomo’s “How About Us” is another easy favourite from the project. Pick what follows, “How Deep is Your Love,” and you have some of our favourites from the population. We can add to to the list, sure. But we would instead leave it at that. 


The theme thrusts of the songs in this project centre on love and relationships. And just about anyone who has been in either can relate to the numbers in the compilation. 

Summing Up

This compilation is a triumph of sound and synth, and the harmony is truly soul-lifting. To listen to the songs in the album is to develop some sort of connection to them.

Now that’s what a genuinely splendid compilation is all about. Go figure.

Various Artists’ “Bridgerton Season Two” Soundtracks album is a project to have on standby even as you savour the movie. Get ready to be transported into time past yet relevant.

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