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    How L’tido Supported Tweezy To Out Of Depression

    Research has shown that a person experiences tragic incidents while trying to deal with depression. Depression, which is a popular mental disorder affecting several people, can be stemmed from personal experiences and even occurrences from one’s profession. Popular South African hip hop producer, Tweezy, took…

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    L’Tido Says He Would Have Been On AKA’s ‘Monuments’

    L’Tido reveals he would have been featured on AKA’s brand new joint “Monuments”. As at yesterday and today, SA Hip-hop star, AKA has dominated social media, the airwaves and the charts with the release of his tripple joints. The feedback to it has been amazing…

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    L-tido and Khuli Chana Mention Their Favorite Rappers In SA

    L’Tido and Kuli Chana reveals who their favorite rappers are. The hip hop scene is starting to see a new wave of support systems as rappers have started to help lift each other, rather than the usual beef circle that was going on in the…

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    L’Tido Puts The Blame On His Record Label As His Last Album Performed Below Expectations

    In 2018, South African rapper, L’Tido, released his third studio album titled ’16.’ He also released hit songs such as ‘Men Are Trash.’ His third studio album ’16,’ did not perform according to expectations. Some fans of the talented rapper are of the opinion that…

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    L’tido Opens Up Some More About The Cause of His Weight Loss

    South African rapper, L’tido, recently opened up about the cause of his weight loss. The talented rapper shared an image of himself after his weight loss last month and it took everyone by surprise. When people assumed that L’tido had fallen sick, he revealed that…

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    “You’re Talking Sh*t Cause You Skinny Now,” Cassper Responds To L’tido FIFA Whooping Claims

    Cassper Nyovest claps back at L’Tido after revealing, he beat Cassper on the Fifa game. Sport sure brings even the worst enemies together and when there is a game of soccer, it brings them together even more. Cassper has shown it so may times how…

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    L’Tido On Why He Hasn’t Been Released Any New Music & The Cause Of His Weight Loss

    L’Tido talks about the reason why he hasn’t released any new music and why he lost weight. Independent Mzansi rapper, L’Tido has been on the music scene for years now doing big things and dishing music on his own terms. While his music has gained…

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