Vanessa Mdee

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    Vanessa Mdee Songs Top 10 (2020)

    Shifting our focus to “Cash Madame” herself, Vanessa Mdee. Vanessa Hau Mdee popularly known by her stage name Vanessa Mdee is an award winning singer from Tanzania. Vanessa has gone…

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    Tanzania Songs Top 10 (2020)

    Tanzanian music like every other African music have seen major growth over the years. The country’s music have seen the evolution of various genres over the years. Tanzania songs is…

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    Vanessa Mdee Biography And Top Songs

    Vanessa Hau Mdee  popularly known by the stage name Vanessa Mdee is a prolific singer , songwriter and performer in Tazania. Her genre of music is upgraded Afro-pop with a…