047 Songs Top 10 (2020)

047. There are three numbers there, and there so happens to be three members in the South African group 047. Coincidence? Or perhaps the number is a form of musical composition code?

Well, we can’t say for sure, but we are keen to bring you some of the group’s fine numbers, which we are confident you will love to hear. We are going to call this  “047 Songs Top 10 (2020.) ” the focus s on the songs released this year.

But then, songs of earlier years might “intrude” if we like them. Of course, what constitutes top 10 is wholly subjective. The numbers that make out might not make yours, and vice-versa.

047 in an Eastern Cape boy brand comprising three friends. The group is pretty new on the music scene in but has left no one in doubt of its creative magic. It has got several songs to its name, and indeed several hits.

Anyway, we invite you to check out “047 Songs Top 10 (2020)” below.  From the list, it should be obvious the group hasn’t released much lately. Well, check them out and drop your own list, as well as your comments, in the comment section.

The songs below are in no particular order.

1. Helele

2. Wen’Ungowam

3. Sabelani

4. Ubuhle Ft.

5. Hallelujah

6. Let’s Fly

7. Akufasani

8. Askies

9. Sthandwa Sam

10. Again

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