7 Most Anticipated South African Hip-Hop Albums Of 2020

Here are the 7 most anticipated South African Hip Hop albums of 2020

Check out 7 of the most anticipated South African Hip Hop albums of 2020.

There are rumours that SA Hip Hop has not been as progressive as usual this year. Some say that most of the released Hip Hop songs have not been as successful as expected. Obviously, Miss Pru DJ’s “Price To Pay” isn’t in that category.

While many believe this to be true, some think several album releases this year should help fix it. Some of these releases are from notable stars including Nasty C, A Reece, AKA, Cassper Nyovest and more.

These albums are not just the most anticipated releases from the genre, but also some of the year’s most anticipated albums. Here’s a list of 6 of them;

1. A-Reece – Paradise II

Just thinking about the coming release of this album brings smiles to a lot of faces. Since the beginning of the year, fans have wondered when A-Reece’s “Paradise 2” album would be released. A piece of info on his social media reveals that he’s “busy working on the album”.

At the beginning of this month, the SA Hip Hop star released a teaser for the project. It features a Matrix-inspired snippet proving that the album’s release is close. He has also shared two potential covers for the coming album.

2. Nasty C – Zulu Man With Some Power

At the beginning of the year, fans were had no idea when Nasty C would get around to dropping his highly anticipated “Zulu Man With Some Power” album. Finally, the rapper released the first single off the album tagged “There They Go” announcing that it would drop later in the year.

Now, with a few more releases including “Eazy”, and “Zulu Man”, the album is scheduled to be released on Friday, August 28. It is definitely going to be massive.

3. Cassper Nyovest- Any Minute Now

Cassper Nyovest is his own hype man and he’ll promote anything he delivers. The Mzansi rapper has grabbed a lot of attention sharing information about his coming album “Any Minute Now”.

He has dropped a few singles off the album including “Good For That”, “Amademoni” with Tweezy, and the most recent “BongiNkosi” featuring Zola 7. The album is expected to be released on September 11, 2020. This should be around the time of his son’s birth.

4. Emtee – Logan

Emtee has put smiles on a lot of faces this year. While he spends most of his time tweeting, he also retreats to the studio to make some amazing music. This year alone, he has dropped several singles including “Waves”, “Brand New Day” and “Johustleburg”.

According to information shared via his label’s social media page, the rapper has more songs coming. He has also revealed that his “Logan” album will be released before the end of the year.

5. AKA – Bhovamania

If you followed some of the things AKA said at the beginning of the year, then you know he plans to take over the airwaves with his new music this year. Of course, that’s expected.

The SA Hip Hop star started out with the tripple release including “Energy”, “Cross My Heart” and “Monuments”. Two of the songs feature Gemini Major, Yanga Chief and Grandmaster Ready D. Fans are still waiting on the rapper to announce the release date for his album “Bhovamania”.

6. The Big Hash – Heartbreak Hotel

The Big Hash is one of many artists who made a lot of noise this year with their music. The talented muso who has dropped a few offerings since the year began started and ended a feud with fellow rapper, J Molley.

While fans waited on the release of his album “Heartbreak Hotel” during the lockdown, he revealed that it wouldn’t happen. Reason being, he doesn’t want to drop his most anticipated album during the lockdown. He is expected to share a later date for its release.

7. Blaklez – Bear Energy

Of all the artists listed in this article, Blaklez may be the most consistent with releases this year. The Mzansi rapper previously announced two new albums which are expected to be huge successes.

One of the projects is a Joint album “Lost Diamonds” with fellow rapper, PdotO which drops on Thursday, August 27. The other is a solo project, “Bear Energy” which is scheduled to drop the day after. We can’t wait to see how well they do.

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