How To Become A Successful Singer In 9 Steps

If you’re an artiste, it’s probably one of your goals to be that artiste that smashes records, that becomes that household name.

You have probably given it your all. You see some of the big names in today’s music and want to be like them. You want to rap like Jay-Z, sing like Adele and have beautiful lyrics like Ed Sheeran.

The problem is that for a long time, your lines have been average. We would give you the “It’s not you, it’s them” line, but it is probably you. The fans know when they hear something cool and even if they don’t all take note at the same time, a number of fans will rally around you when they hear something good, so it’s you.

Maybe you have not been doing things right or maybe things can be done better. Your goal is to become a successful singer and we can help get you there. So, how do we do this? Let’s dive right in.

1. Belief

Oh, you have to believe in yourself. It’s a pretty good place to start. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, what are you even doing? You mean your plan is to get others to see how awesome you are and you don’t even see and believe in that awesomeness?

Starting off is always rocky sometimes. Acquiring fans and making impact are not easy things. The music industry is huge and to even make a splash, you have to work hard and trust that the work will pay off.

What will help in those early days is your belief in you, your talent and all that you are capable of. You have what it takes and you should be telling yourself that a lot.

2. Improve Yourself

When you’re a new singer trying to get in, there is the tendency for your friends to always hype you. Everyone needs friends that hype them, but know the limits. As good as hypemen are, know when to listen to them and when to listen to friends that can actually sit you down, look you in the fact and tell you this is crap.

Growth happens when you believe in yourself but not at the detriment of quality. If all you’re surrounded with are friends who hype you and fail to tell you when what you are putting out is below par, you’re going to struggle a lot and after you fail to break in, those friends are going to disappear and you’ll be all alone.

Get valuable feedback on your craft and improve yourself. Is it your singing that can be better? Work on it. Try some voice training or delivery. Is it your lyrics? Take some songwriting classes and work on it. Is it your tone that just doesn’t match up? Improve on it. Life should always be about growth and you can only progress that way.

3. Start Small

It’s sometimes a mission headed for failure to try to start big. Some artistes hit the jackpot at the first try and break in that way. They are the exception, not the rule. If you want to become a successful singer, start small. From your little circle, your little street to the town to the state. Start small.

You’d be surprised how easy it can get if you start small and become the town favorite artiste. Nigerian singer and label owner, E Money recently visited a town in Ogun state and instead of rushing at him to beg for money, indigenes of that town lifted a young boy up and asked the popular singer to sign him. That’s it.

Start small. You don’t necessarily have to be a local champion but be sure those around know you sing and what you are capable of and you’ll find yourself progressing.

4. Sing Everyday

There’s that saying about writing everyday if you are a writer. You have to do something everyday if you love it. That’s the way you get better. Writers write. Singers sing. Dancers dance. If you want to be a successful singer, you have to sing everyday.

That’s how you get better. That’s how your mind gets in a natural place where it knows what you do and helps you be successful at it. When you’re down, sing. When you’re happy, sing. When you’re tired, sing. When you are depressed, sing. Singers sing,

5. Network

You can’t wish away networking. Artistes that are in already can try to dodge people and say it is because of their art. You really don’t have that luxury. If you want to get your name out there, you need to go out and meet people. You need to talk to people that are successful already. You’ll either get tips or connections. Networking is key.

6. Be Online

It’s easier to make it as an artiste these days. You don’t have to chase producers or label owners down every time. You can record your song, promote it and let people listen. Be active on social media too. Engage with friends and ask them for feedback on your songs. You’ll get better and build a fan base eager to push your music.

7. Be Strategic

These days, it’s not just about singing, especially when you are still new. You have to be strategic. How do you get attention? You can do a cover of a popular song and then tweet at the original artiste. They can love it and reach out to you or share it and that gets you publicity. Remixes work too. You can make a remix or refix of a popular song and share it. The artiste may like it and talk about it or share it and fans snap it up.

8. Jump on Trends

You need to be on top of trends. You don’t have to hit a studio these days to record a song. There are apps that can make that easy for you. Beats are available too online and you can even sing to a popular beat you’ve heard in the past. Just be alive to trends.

Xenophobia is trending? Drop a song about ending it. It’s the World Cup going on? Drop a song. Be on top of trends and you can have an edge over others.

9. Your Best Friend is a Ruthless Critic

This is last on the list. You need a ruthless critic in your corner. The kind of critic that listens to your song, says no and tells you to go back and do it right. It’s not always about putting out a lot of songs. Solid songs are the way yo go and you need a critic that will ensure you only come out with top songs.

What do you think? Have more ideas? Share in the comment section.

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