Bekezela Songs Top 10 (2020)

Zimbabwean DJ and producer Bekezela may not have been heard of recently, but he has got a respectable body of work that should keep fans on the dance floor for a long time.

Originally a Zimbabwean, Bekezea has spent a song time in the Rainbow Nation that he is not thought officially South African. Well, whatever his current country of provenance, the songster is still in the prime of his art, with a compelling body of work you should check out.

Born Bothwell Nkomo, his dream of being a musician sprouted when he was still very young. It appeared his environment back then (Zimbabwe) wasn’t ideal for his music dreams, so he relocated to South Africa, where he has been since. That’s over a decade ago.

Well, he has so advanced in his career in South African that he is considered an important voice in the country’s music

Below, if you please, are his top 10 songs – or songs we think will interest you, from him. The songs are given in no particular order. You should check them out below and share your thoughts in the comment section, not forgetting to create your own list, of course.

1. Bekezela

2. Imali

3. Sondela

4. Ngiphendule

5. Obabakazi

6. Kugcwele

7. Imbokodo

8. Nyalo

9. Sawubona

10. Siyashadisa

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