Best Amapiano Mix Youtube Channels To Follow In 2022

There’s great poetry in succeeding against all odds – against all the predictions of doom against you – for then you have the exquisite pleasure of giving the middle finger to your critics.

That’s the reality with amapiano music in South Africa right now. When the genre emerged several years ago, sceptics and critics had given it a timeline to disappear as quickly as it emerged.

Instead, the genre has grown remarkably, snapping devotees from other genres – from hip hop to house to electronic music. Now, almost everyone wants to release something amapiano.

For most, amapiano mixes are the staple. As a result, not surprisingly, some artists have focused on creating mixes to satiate the cravings of the piano-hungry.

There are several YouTube channels where piano lovers can follow the goings-on in the corridors of amapiano mixes. We are going to share some of them with you in this article.

Below, in no particular order, are the…

Best Amapiano YouTube Channels To Follow In 2022

1. JAy Tshepo (31.2K subscribers)

If you think the spelling of this musicians’ name is a misnomer, you may have to think again. That’s precisely how the amapiano producer elected to render the name – JAy.

Ultimately, the rendering of the name is not as crucial as the fiery amapiano mixes the songster serves every other day.

The songster’s interest in music dates back from childhood, but it wasn’t until recently that he elected to channel his musical gift into the YouTube creative space. His goal id to make the world dance

2. Romeo Makota (160K subscribers)

Easily one of the most popular makers of amapiano mixes, Romeo Makota is also one of the most consistent in the game. Week after week, the songster had got something for piano music lovers.

As far as mixes go, Romeo Makota is one name you just cannot – really should not – miss

3. Oskidoibelieve (112K subscribers)

Oskido is essentially a Kwaito artist. He’s also a record label owner who has been instrumental in pushing the careers of several voices in the universe of Mzansi music.

The piano bug has long bitten the respected veteran, and he’s been unapologetic in manifesting the  piano “disease.” He’s a splendid voice to check out if you’re exploring the world of amapiano.

4. Kitsormixtapes (15.7K subscribers)

With over 15k subscribers on YouTube, Kitsormixtapes has emerged as one of the famous voices in the world of amapiano mixes and one you should be delighted to check out this year.

His YouTube channel s home to amapiano mixes that energize and uplift. You cannot miss it.

5. MajorLeagueDJz (510K subscribers)

Major League DJz is a band of two, the twin brothers Bandile Mbere and Banele Mbere. They are the masterminds of the immensely popular “Amapiano Balcony Mixes,” which has traversed the world since its launch.

Major League DJz is so popular with amapiano mixes right now that you might think they started with piano music. They didn’t. The brothers were previously hip hop titans. They switched to amapiano music along the way. They have not looked back since.

6. Mr-Luu de Stylist (312K subscribers)

What a name like de Stylist, a lot naturally comes to mind. While we wouldn’t fancy much detail about that, Mr.-Luu de Stylist drops some fiery piano mixes that will delight any lover of piano music out there.

7. DJ LYTA (182K subscribers)

One maestro of mixes deserves his adopted stage name, and it’s DJ Lyta. Lyta sounds so like lighter – a means of ignition. In the world of piano music, the DJ easily ignites the souls of those who would listen to his amapiano mixes. Not bad, we should say.

Not surprisingly, he’s the brains behind one of the most trafficked amapiano channels on YouTube.

8. Boiler Room (2.85M subscribers)

The biggest channel of them all! Interestingly, Boiler Room is not a local affair but international, and the channel is not limited to amapiano music. So besides piano, if you delight in musical novelty, you should check out the channel.

9. RocketsTV (5.7K subscribers)

Rockets TV is another key channel where you can get some of the best amapiano mixes on YouTube. The medium might have the least subscriber count on our list, but that in no way means poverty of quality. Nah!

With regular updates and mixes that can rocket the soul from the dust of oblivion, Rockets TV YouTube channel cannot be missed in your hunt for your piano fix any day.

10. Stanky DeeJay (12.5K subscribers)

Stanky DeeJay is one piano maestro with the vibe to ignite a party any day, anywhere. Although he might not be the one snapping all the headlines, this songster can hold his own in the world of amapiano mixes.

And if you’re seriously interested in piano music from South Africa, you should count his YouTube channel among the places to camp.

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