Gogo Maweni vs Gogo Skhotheni

Here’s what we know about Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni’s online beef.

Never in our lives did we think we would witness a beef between two Sangomas. The usual beef is between artists and maybe actors and influencers. The SA Hip Hop scene has the best beefs, because good music comes out of it.

However, Sangoma’s Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni decided to fire shots at each other, and Mzansi is here for it. It all started when Skhotheni took to social media to call Maweni out of allegedly copying her soap. You know? The kind that brings luck, not the usual soap.

Of course, Maweni would not have it. She took to social media, cursing Skhotheni and saying, “You want to talk s*** that I copied your soap, who are you? F*** you and your soap.” Later on, she went live with an assistant and claimed Skhotheni used to fight Glam Dlozi before she found fame.

She said, “She had copied Glam Dlozi’s soap; today, I copied her soap. And then I bewitched her because she’s a millionaire. Where are the millions, boo.” She also boasted of owning properties while Skhotheni lived in rented apartments. For reasons best known to her, Skhotheni remained silent for a while until recently. She accused Maweni of claiming to be a doctor without an actual certificate.

“I’ve been quiet for too long. Everywhere you go, you flip and talk about me. Bullsh*t, I’m not afraid of you, Maweni. You’re claiming to be a doctor, where did you graduate? We also have the certificates for ubungoma. Go to school if you want to be a real doctor and stop being forward,”

She also slammed her for not being pretty as her and for being a ‘drunkard.’ “I’m not a drunkard like you, I drink water. I will face you sober. I gave you my address to come and face me.”

Skhotheni revealed that she had sent Maweni her address to come and bewitch her if she was strong enough, but Maweni claimed she doesn’t visit rented apartments.

Gogo Maweni Vs Gogo Skhotheni 2

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