Here Are The New Level 2 Lockdown Rules For SA

Here are the rules for the level 2 Lockdown in South Africa

Here are all the rules for the level 2 Lockdown in South Africa.

The recently announced Level 2 lockdown in Mzansi has come with some ease in the former restrictions. Some of them include a lift on the ban on alcohol. The new rules and regulations were signed by co-operative governance & traditional affairs (Cogta) minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

During the briefing, she stated that it has been an immensely difficult 5 months, describing the length of the lockdown.

The new regulations state that alcohol can only be sold by licensed premises including bottle stores from 9am to 4pm. Also, alcohol can be purchased for on-sight consumption at licensed places such as taverns and restaurants until 10PM.

A night curfew remains in place from 10pm till 4am everyday. Public gatherings including social ones are still limited to a total of 50 people. This includes in places such as bars, gyms, shebeens and taverns.

Also, attendance to funerals is still limited to 50 people, and everyone is expected to wear masks and observe health and social distancing measures while in attendance. However, night vigils are still prohibited.

The rules also allow the sale of vaping products and cigarettes.

Visits to family members are also allowed but only requires a total of 10 people there at once. Under level 2, everyone is required to wear face masks while out in public, or boarding a public transport.

Also according to the level 2 lockdown regulations, people cannot be evicted from their homes, and land. For the duration of the natural disaster, homes can also not be demolished unless with a valid court order.

No more than 50 people are allowed in a cinema, in theatres, casinos, weddings, concerts, and entertainment events. Tickets to the cinema will be sold through a remote booking system.

TimesLIVE reports that the Gazette reads;

For the duration of the national state of disaster, male and female initiation practices are prohibited, a person may not arrange or hold an initiation school or conduct an initiation practice … The National House of Traditional Leaders and provincial houses of traditional leaders must take steps to ensure that traditional leaders are aware of the content of this regulation,” 

“Bus and taxi services may not carry more than 70% of the licensed capacity for long-distance travel; and may carry 100% of the licensed capacity for any trip not regarded as long-distance travel,” 

“A driver, owner or operator of public transport may not allow any member of the public not wearing a face mask to board or be conveyed in public transport owned or operated by him or her.”

“However, people will be permitted to perform any type of work outside the home, and to travel to and from work and for work purposes under alert level 2, subject to a strict adherence to health protocols and social distancing measures.”

The following businesses are still prohibited from operation;

– nightclubs, international passenger air travel for leisure purposes,

– passenger ships for international leisure purposes,

– attendance of any sporting event by spectators, international sports events

– exclusions relating to public transport services as set out in the directions issued by the cabinet member responsible for transport.

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