Mas Musiq – Auti ‘eSharp Album Review

Like every other big name in the Piano scene this year, Mas Musiq has set out to thrill his audience with a new album titled “Auti ‘eSharp”. The talented DJ and producer have always been the kind to let his Music speak for him. We believe that it genuinely does.

With the new album, he aims to show how much he has grown as one of the most sought-after hitmakers in the country. He lets his production talent show and takes things slow all through the very blissful project. In our opinion, this is one great effort for someone named after Music. He proves that the meaning of his name is not lost on him.

Cover Art

The cover photo for Mas Musiq’s new “Auti ‘eSharp” album might be one of the simplest to decipher, but there seems to be more to it than meets the eye. Of course, everyone knows that it is never easy deciding what photo should be attached to an artist’s project. So, you could say that everything from the pose to the gaze is well thought out and executed.

Mas Musiq is shot staring at a reflection of himself in the mirror. It sort of shakes you up thinking how he can stand gazing at all that talent. The photo seems to have been taken in a restroom. The size of the room proves this. We could be wrong. The primary thing about it is his pose and fixed gaze, which we can see clearly from the reflection.


Just looking at the guest features on the “Auti ‘eSharp” album, you can tell that they were all well picked. That could be for a purpose that we still cannot tell. The featured acts include Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, Babalwa M, Young Stunna, Bongza, Nkulee 501, Skroef28, Musa Keys, Snenah, Sino Msolo, TO Starquality, Madumane, Seekay, Daliwonga, Sir Trill, Major League, Aymos, Nia Pearl, Soa Mattrix, Tyler ICU, Corry Da Groove, Vyno Miller, Hypesoul, Reece Madlisa, Mpura, Madumane, and Mzansi’s very own baby boy, Vigro Deep.

Production and Vocal Delivery

Each of the featured acts is well known in the SA music industry for their outstanding vocal performances or impressive production skills. They prove this yet again with their deliveries in the new album. We are sure that Mas Musiq was not disappointed by any of them as they’re each well credited for their performances in the album.

Bongza, Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, Nkulee 501, Skroef28, Major League, Tyler ICU, Daliwonga, Vigro Deep, and more all deliver laudable production in the songs that they contribute to. Also, vocalists including Sir Trill, Young Stunna, Nia Pearl, Aymos, and more live up to their reputations with their deliveries in the songs they’re featured on.

Tracklist & The Popular Tracks

The “Auti ‘eSharp” album comes laden with 14 tracks, all of which are very well arranged and impressive. The album was preceded by the release of the single “Inhliziyo”, which features contributions from Babalwa M. The song may also easily be the best track in the project. It is also the most streamed and talked about. Another good one is “Uzozisola”, which features Aymos, Kabza De Small, and DJ Maphorisa. The song is also one of the most talked-about tracks on the project and boasts arguably the best production. Finally, another big one is “Nguwe”, featuring Daliwonga, Sir Trill and Major League.

 Album Tracklist 

1 Inhliziyo (feat. Babalwa Mavusa) Mas Musiq
2 Uzozisola (feat. Aymos, Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa) Mas Musiq
3 Ntwana Yam (feat. Young Stunna, Bongza, Nkulee501 & Skroef 28) Mas Musiq
4 Gwinya Lam (feat. Snenaah & Sino Msolo) Mas Musiq & Musa Keys
5 Khumnandi ebusuku (feat. TO Starquality & Madumane) Mas Musiq
6 Ama Bozza (feat. Seekay & Young Stunna) Mas Musiq
7 Baninzi (feat. TO Starquality) Mas Musiq
8 Nguwe (feat. Daliwonga, Sir Trill & Major League) Mas Musiq
9 Sengizwile (feat. Aymos & Young Stunna) Mas Musiq
10 I’m Real (feat. Nia & Soa mattrix) Mas Musiq
11 Umdeni (feat. Young Stunna, Tyler ICU & Corry Da Groove) Mas Musiq
12 Kamela (feat. Vyno Miller & Hypesoul) Mas Musiq
13 S’khuluphele (feat. Reece Madlisa, Zuma & Mpura M… Madumane) Mas Musiq
14 Jagarmeiste (feat. Vigro Deep) Mas Musiq

Language & Summary

The featured vocalists all sing in their native dialects. Mas Musiq delivers what could be some of his best works yet with this new project. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

Mas Musiq – Auti ‘eSharp Album Fans Review

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