Moja Love: Popular Shows, TV Guide, Contact Details, Address, & Frequently Asked Questions

Moja Love is one of the many entertainment channels in South Africa. Unlike most, though, the channel, which is owned by the Siyaya Media Network, prides itself in portraying life as it is in South Africa – unfiltered.

From love to intrigue to [you add the rest], Moja Love brings viewers multiple strokes of the African experience vis the DStv network. In this article, we interrogate various aspects of the network, as well as the shows that are channelled through the platform.

You’re welcome to hop along as we make that journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Moja Love episodes?

Moja Love is pretty accessible for anyone who wants to take a plunge into the world of South African entertainment. The network is available on DStv Channel 157. Only subscribers on DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact and DStv Family can access Moja Love, though

Who started Moja Love?

Moja Love was started by the Siyaya Media Network. It was officially launched on February 14, 2018. It has remained active since.

How do you call Moja Love?

Moja Love has not released a number by which they might be contacted. There is a contact form on their website, though. So enquiries might be directed through that channel.

What is playing on Moja Love?

Several shows are playing on the Moja Love network. Below we list some of them:

  • Ekhaya
  • Aubrey Tau and Mzansi Tycoons
  • Dloz’lami
  • Enough Is Enough
  • Hallelujah
  • Finding Bongani.
  • Giants of the City

Who is Aubrey Tau?

Aubrey Tau is the executive producer of the Moja Love TV channel. He’s also the founder and CEO of the channel. He’s also the co-founder of Connect TV.

Is Thembi Nyathi on social media?

No, Thembi Nyathi is not on social media. She said that much herself, making her one of the most elusive television personalities in South Africa. So long as she still gets the gigs, that’s okay by her.

Who owns Mzansi Magic?

Mzansi Magic is owned by Naspers, a global brand and reportedly one of the largest tech investors in the world.

Who is the CEO of Moja Love?

The CEO of Moja Love is no other than Percy Tau.

Who is the presenter of Dlozi Lami Moja Love?

Dlozi Lami on Moja Love is presented by no other than Thembi Nyathi, who is also long famous as a medium mediating between the living and the dead. However, many South Africans know her more as a medium than as a presenter of Dlozi Lami on Moja Love.

How do I get into the Moja Love presenter search?

Moja Love Presenter Search presents an avenue for those who want to get into the world of presenting – become media personalities. Since the programme started, it has opened the industry up to people who would otherwise never have made it.

For the competition, entrants are to submit a video of themselves showing off their presenting skills. Then, the top of the lot will be picked and given a place to hone their skills on the Moja Love network.

How do I contact Mzansi Magic?

If you are looking to contact Mzansi Magic, which is available on DStv channel 161, there are several channels to do so. One is through the channel’s verified Twitter account (@Mzansimagic). Another way is via their Instagram channel, also @Mzansimagic.

To formally contact them, though, it would have to be via their website (

Which channel is Dlozi Lami?

Dlozi Lami is part of the Moja Love channel, which means that it is available on DStv channel 157. Dlozi Lami is also a favourite among many Moja Love fans out there.

How old is Makopano from Giants of the city?

Makopano Mtshali from Giants of the City is 32 years at the time of writing. She is the daughter of actor Lucky Mtshali. So the acting thing likely runs in the family.

What time is AmaBishop?

AmaBishop has got a new season showing at 9 pm on Moja Love.

Is Isencane Lengane a reality show?

Yes, Isencane Lengane is a reality show that illuminates the issues of teenage pregnancies and how they affect those involved.

Who owns Siyaya Media?

SIyaya Media is owned by Aubrey Tau, who also serves as CEO of Moja Love.

Who is Thembi Nyathi?

Thembi Nyathi is a South African medium who claims to be able to consult the dead for the living. She rejects the tag of a sangoma (traditional healer), though. She also insists she is not a prophet – just a lady who mediates between the physical and spiritual realms.

She believes that as humans, we are not meant to suffer or get lost. People are on earth for a purpose, and they have guardians to help them navigate the material plane.

How can I consult with Thembi Nyathi?

The first step to consulting with Thembi Nyathi is to reach out to her via either the email or phone number she provided on her website. On reaching her, she will determine how the consultation will proceed. The consultation time depends mostly on the clients. The more time spent, the more she charges.

How much is Thembi Nyathi’s consultation fee?

According to information available on her official website, Thembi Nyathi charges R750 per person for 45 minutes of consultation. She charges an additional R500 when that time is exceeded.

How do I contact Thembi Nyathi?

Thembi Nyathi is thought to be a powerful medium known as “Umlamuleli” in vernacular. There is, therefore, high demand among those who believe in the traditional way of doing things. As a result, several impostors have risen in her name.

To prevent scams and ensure her clients reach her, she had made her contacts available. She has a Twitter account which has not been active for a while.

In that case, she might be reached via her website, thembinyathi dot co za, which has a contact form. Or directly via the email thembi.bookings [at] googlemail dot com. Her phone number is: 012 881 0194

What time is Dlozi Lami on Moja love?

Dlozi Lami is one of the most-loved shows on Moja Love. It is broadcast every Tuesday at 10 pm.

What is Dlozi?

In the universe, Dlozimis thought to be a spirit that possesses a person to become an African Uhlanya (healer)

How do I contact REA Tsotella?

Rea Tsotella is part of Moja, which means it is accessible via DStv channel 157. The publicly available contact record is 0631838716/ 083 9440535.

How old is Guru from Giants of the City?

It’s unclear how old Guru is. But then, he is one of the memorable actors in Giants of the City.

How old is Anele from Giants?

Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal-born Anele-Xaba is 33 years old.

Which channel is AmaBishop?

That’s DStv channel 157

Who is pastor Makhado?

That’s Makhado Freedom Sinthumule Ramabulana,  the presiding pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission of SA – Life Overflowing Assembly.

Which channel is AmaBishop on DStv?

Since AmaBishop is part of Moja Love, it is shown on that channel on DStv. So it is available on DStv channel 157.

How do I get in touch with DLOZ lam?

That’s by watching DSTV Channel 157.

What time does Umndeni repeat?

Umndeni starts on Saturday and repeats on Sunday at 07h00

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