Nasty C Vs DJ Speedsta & Zulu Man With Some Power (ZMWSP): The Beef Back Story

In almost every industry out there, news breaks out now and then of a beef between peeps. South Africa’s music industry has had its fair share. Almost every big-name artiste you can think of in Mzansi has been involved in one beef or the other.

Who, for instance, can forget the beef between Family Tree rapper Cassper Nyovest and AKA of the “Fela In Versace” fame? Or that between Tall Racks Records boss Nasty C and fellow muso A-Reece? The thrust of this post, though, is that between Nasty C and DJ Speedsta.

Industry watchers will tell you the pair has had an on-again and off-again beef. The beef is apparently on again now, following DJ Speedsta’s comment on Nasty C’s latest project, “Zulu Man With Some Power” album.

DJ Speedsta had described as “sh!t” and overhyped, forcing Nasty C to speak on the drubbing of his album, which is actually making waves right now. What follows is the backstory of the beef between them.

At 28, DJ Speedsta is 5 years older than Nasty C, who turned 23 on 11 February 2020. A key point of the beef between both artistes is DJ Speedsta’s belief Nasty C is no longer giving him due respect.

In a recent Twitter rant, the radio DJ and “Combos Communicating” crooner said Nasty C, spotting dirt sneakers, had run to him on the streets once upon a time, asking for a verse.

He added that over time the “ZULU” rapper had become arrogant, not giving him (Speedsta) his due as an older musician who once aided him.

Also, he claimed that Nasty C was lying about the song “Bamm Bamm,” which premiered back in 2016. Nasty C insists he made the verse, hook and beat of the song and sent it to DJ Speedsta to work on but the DJ slept on it.

DJ Speedsta said it wasn’t exactly so. He said he and Nasty c worked on “Side Chick” and another song titled “I Want it All,” but because Nasty C wasn’t comfortable with how they came out, he dropped “Bamm Bamm” with Speedsta to complete.

If you haven’t checked out the song, you might want to do so below.

Nasty C has also addressed the beef with DJ Speedsta and other issues concerning his career in a video interview which you can check out below.

The beef with Nasty C took an egregious turn earlier this month when DJ Speedsta dismissed Nasty C’s latest album as sh!t and overhyped. Ironically, the album trended globally, occupying the number 1 spot in the 5 most streamed albums on Audiomack.

DJ Speedsta had asked Nasty C to stop mentioning him in his interviews, saying he has power over the “They Don’t” rapper. On his part, the “Zulu Man With Some Power” describes DJ Speedsta as a jealous clout chaser.

At the rate both artistes are hitting at each other, it is looking like the beef between them will go on for some time. Or what do you think?  By the way, in mockery of the adopted album title of his rival, DJ Speedsta had said he might entitle his imminent project “Sotho Man With Some Power.”

Having adopted “Power” as part of the title, it remains to be seen if the album will actually have power over Mzansi and the rest of the world like Nasty C’s latest project did. If it fails to do so, it just might be Nasty C’s turn to break in a mordant grin.

What do you make of the sporadic beef between the pair? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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