Open Mic Productions Owner, Artists & DJs Signed, Contact Details, Album Released


Open Mic Productions is one of the notable record labels in South Africa. The label’s fame rests in part on the appeal of the musicians signed to it and the works they have released to date.

Who Owns Open Mic Productions?

Open Mic Productions is owned by Lionel Jamela and Molau Rammala. Both have extensive experience in the music industry. Unlike the artists under their record label. both appear content to push the brand from behind the scenes without drawing much attention to themselves

Open Mic Productions Artists

Artistes that had contracts with Open Mic Productions at one point or the other include King Monada, who captured global attention with his “Malwedhe” song in 2018, Team Mosha, Zanda Zakuza, Makhadzi, Nomcebo and Master KG of the “Jerusalema” fame.

Others are Bongo Beats, and Bizizi, Liza Miro, Pat Medina, Muungu Africa, Romo, DJ Call Me, Mr Brown, Prince Benza and Soul Kulture. Some of these artists are no longer with the record label.

Master KG, Nomcebo and Open Mic Productions

A notable figure who remains with Open Mic productions is Master KG. The songster had released a couple of hits previously. However, it wasn’t until he released “Jerusalema” in collaboration with Nomcebo (via Open Mic Productions) that he achieved global relevance.

The song spawned a challenge endorsed by the South African government of Cyril Ramaphosa. Celebrities around the world had also endorsed it, from Janet Jackson to Christiano Ronaldo. The song was instrumental to Master KG clinching four awards at the AFRIMMAs this year.

Zanda Zakuza

Before Master KG and Nomcebo’s “Jerusalema” success, Master KG had thrilled South Africa with his “Skeleton Move” single with Zanda Zakuza who, incidentally, is still signed to the record label and gearing to release a new body of work.

Artists sign contracts with record labels, so one should think the artists at Open Mic Productions have got recording contracts with the record label. However, it is not something they care to make public.

Except after a stormy disagreement and a falling out – as we had recently with the American rapper Kanye West and Universal Music Group – it is incredibly rare to see artists share the letters of their contract with the public.

Even when the press is invited to the public signing of contracts, the finer details are kept from it. At any rate, signing a contract indicates that the artiste at least agrees to what is spelt out.

Contact Details

Open Mic Productions indicates that it might be contacted for bookings via We haven’t sent an email to the address. But our attempts to check out the website previously yielded a blank page. The website is now fully functional, though, and you can now submit demos, as well as get other pieces of information about the brand there.

They can also be reached for booking via the phone: 073 538 005.

Albums Released By Open Mic Productions

This jarring reality notwithstanding, Open Mic Productions has released some of the most sought-after albums in South Africa, including Master KG’s “Jerusalema,” King Monada’s “Molamo,” Bongo Beats’s “Dance With Me” and Zanda Zakuza’s “Synthia (The Journey).”

With several fine artists still signed to the record label, one can only expect more albums from the kitty of Open Mic Productions.

Signing A Record Deal With Open Mic Productions

If you’re looking forward to one day getting signed by Open Mic Productions, you’ve got to keep that dream alive and keep doing what you have been doing – making music and sharing your work everywhere. Your best bet, though, would be to send a demo through the brand’s official website.

If your demo resonated with them, chances are, they would offer you a contract. Just give it a shot and see what happens.

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