Song Review: Khuzani – Ijele (feat. Luve Dubazane)

Read our review of Maskandi musician, Khuzani’s hit song “Ijele” featuring Luve Dubazane.

Although 2020 was a crazy year for all of us, the airwaves were flooded with some very good music. As we have always stated, various music genres were well represented. That also includes Maskandi as artists dropped amazing music back to back.

Before the year ended, Khuzani surfaced with a stunning new which has been steady in the airwaves since it was released. The award-winning singer names the project “Ispoki Esingafi”. It features some tastefully crafted songs which have received praise from his fans who can’t get enough.

One of the favourites on the project is “Ijele”. Like the majority of the songs on the album, he rides solo on it. From the second the song begins to play, it announces itself with an opening guitar solo which is just beautiful. The guitar goes on for a bit before the song begins proper with a famous Maskandi type bit. As expected, Khuzani’s voice is at rest as he sings.

It is almost like a cool breeze as he sails on the atmosphere which has been set by the beautiful strings that opened the floor. Something else that cannot be ignored in the song is the impressive backup. Khuzani seems to be a one man squad, delivering amazingly well without even breaking a sweat. There is also a lot of repetition in the song, but not in a way that makes it bore you.

It also makes you want to sing along. The song’s chorus is simple enough to hum to and to sing along to a few minutes into it. Did we mention you can also groove easily to it. It has a cool laid back vibe which is hugely influenced by Khuzani’s calm tenor. You will love this.

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