Song Review: Major League Djz & Abidoza – Dinaledi (feat. Mpho Sebina)

In the dying months of 2020, South African boy band Major League Djz and Abidoza linked up for “Dinaledi,” a song featuring Mpho Sebina. 

This wasn’t exactly a solo drop but one of the songs in the three lead artistes’ collaborative “Pianochella” album which dropped last year. 

The reception for that body of work wasn’t particularly warm, leading the twin brothers Bandile and Banele (who make up Major League) to ask if South Africa was sleeping on them. This reality probably inspired the brothers to release another body of work soon after. 

But then one readily admits “Pianochella” is a work of amapiano merit, and “Dinaledi” was one of its star numbers. 

Major League and Abidoza never gave reasons why they elected to work Mpho Sebina on this number, but then there’s no denying they made a fine choice in their adopted guest. The result is something y’all wanna lap up. 

While some other songs in the “Pianochella” compilation may have been forgotten – and justly so – “Dinaledi” continues to resonate – a song of fierce  instrumental appeal. 

The musical synergy evident among the artistes on this  track might leave the listener hankering for another collaborative tune from the quartet. And that’s just as well. One fine number ought to lead to another – from the same artistes. 

“Dinaledi” does not promise magic but on what it promises, a liberating moment, it does deliver. Whether on a work day or a weekend, the song should make an agreeable companion. 

So, if you’re looking for a number of great musical force, a number that permits no lapses in boredom, you surely wouldn’t go wrong electing to tap the “play” button and vibe with “Dinaledi.”

How would you rate the song, though? Ultimately, do you see yourself listening to it all day? You might want to check out the song here and let us know what you think, in the comment section.

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