South Africa: Vodacom Data, Phone & Laptop Contract Deals, Upgrade, Customer Care Contacts & How To Login

Vodacom is one of the telcoms or telecommunication companies in South Africa. And like other companies in the same business, it offers a range of services to meet individual and corporate budgets. So, whatever your needs in laptops, smartphones, and data, Vodacom has got something that might interest

In this article, we are going to cover the different data and laptop deals, smartphone contracts, upgrades, and more available in South Africa.

Creating An Account With Vodacom

Vodacom offers users a chance to create a profile for seamless access to its services and personnel. The advantage of having an account is that you have access to so much information, including your data usage stats

However, whether you have a Vodacom line or not, you can still create an account – just by heading over here. The page looks like this:

Fill out your name, username, notification number, and password. Then tick the box to indicate you are not a robot. Without ticking that box, which helps stop bots and prevent spam, you might not be able to register.

Then click the “Next” button. You are leed to another page where you must input the one-time password (OTP) sent to the phone number you used in the previous page. Fill out the OTP and click “Next.”

Welcome, Power To You.

Vodacom Data Deals

Vodacom, which prides itself as South Africa’s best mobile phone network, provides several data deals for South Africa. Pick whichever suits your budget and lifestyle and get online with the world. There is…

Tablet, dongle, or router data deal

For heavy users. Check out the tables below for details on data allowance, cost of subscription, and validity. The night owl data is only available on a 24-month (2 years contract) and on sim devices only.

If you are not ready for a 24-month contract, you might want to opt for the 12-month (1 year) contract. The details are in the table below. With this contract you are not getting “night owl” data allowance

To buy mobile broadband data bundles, you may want to login to your Vodacom account (“My Vodacom“). Alternatively, you might dial *135# from your Vodacom line and pick a data plan of your choice.

Data Deals for Smartphones

Vodacom also offers a deal specifically for smartphone users. The speeds are the same. The smartphone data plans are one-off, monthly and recurring. So, assuming you run out of data now, you will have to subscribe again. Check the table below for details of the data deal.

By the way, on the deals for smartphones, Vodacom subscribers also have access to daily plans. The details are below:

Prepaid Data Deals

The prepaid data deals offered by Vodacom has been touted at the most convenient. The prepaid deal includes hour bundles. see table below.

if you want more data, you may want to subscribe to the daily plan, which expires at midnight each day. See the table below for details on data allowance and more.

If you prefer the monthly option, that’s fine, too. Your subscription starts counting from the day of data purchase and expires in 30 days. details of the deal are in the table below.

Smartphone Deals

Vodacom also offers smartphone deals to cater to the needs of the tech-savvy crowd. According to the company, the Huawei P30 Lite is available on a 24-month or 2 years contract.

The phone is locked to the Vodacom network, and users get to pay R299 every month for 24 months. Purchase of this phone gives the user access to 20GB data once off and 50 sms. Other Huawei deals are detailed here.

Also on offer is the iPhone 6s (pre-owned, 128GB). The phone is available on a 3-year (36 months) contract, with R169 due each month. Tied to this deal is 20GB data once off and 50 sms. The phone locked to the Vodacom network as well. In other words, sim cards of other networks may not function in the phone

Deals on other smartphones are available here.

Laptop Deals

Vodacom is promoting Mecer Wizard and Huawei R219h LTE router as tools for making learning easier. All are available on a 3-year contract costing exactly R209 per month. This offer is exclusive online, according to Vodacom.

The offer comes with 4GB data cap – 2GB available any time of day (anytime data), and 2GB available only at night (night owl data).

If this doesn’t seem like something you care to settle for, then no problem. The telco has got other equally interesting offers.

The Huawei R219h LTE Mifi router is also availabele with a Lenovo Ideapad Core15 laptop for a 36-month (3 years) contract. It comes with 10GB monthly data cap – 5GB available any time of day (anytime data), and 5GB available only at night (night owl data). This bundle goes for R449 per month for 36 months or 3 years.

If you are an Apple freak and have been eyeing the MacBook Pro, then welcome. Vodacom offers the Apple MacBook Pro 13inc 128GB (A2159) [white] on another 3-year contract requiring a payment of R999 per month for 36 months or 3 years.

For more deals, Vodacoms details them all here.


Assuming you are keen for a new experience or just want to try the Vodacom network, then you can upgrade by heading over here. The page looks something like this.

In the box to the right, all fields are required. Input your phone number. In the next field, answer if the phone number is able to receive sms or not. Then tap the “Next” button, just below the fields in the image example given below.

Next, you will be led to a page that looks something like this.

At this point you would have received a one-time password (OTP), assuming you stated in the previous page that the phone number used is able to receive sms. Input the OTP in the field provided to the right then click “Check My Upgrade Status.”

The system will determine your upgrade status. If it is a success, the system will let you know. Same for failure.

Vodacom Customer Care Contact

Feeling stuck? The guys at Vodacom say they are here to help, after all a happy client means more business deals for the company.

On the Vodacom site, there is a FAQ section, where answers to frequently asked questions are provided. There is also a support forum, where questions are asked and customers and others get to answer them based on their experiences.

Vodacom shops are open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm each day. At this point when coronavirus is snarling at the world and it is advisable to keep away from crowds, you may want to call the customer care lines instead of visiting a shop.

Vodacom has provided several lines to reach several departments in its network. The department and the lines are detailed below.

RSA Landlines or Cellphones: 082 135

From Abroad: +27 82 135

Vodacom Repair Call Centre: 082 1944

Vodacom Life Insurance: 082 13 911

Data Support: 082 135

Sales and Upgrades: 082 17844

Cancellations: 082 1958

Vodacom Fibre: 082 1904

Vodacom Device Insurance: 082 1952

Vodacom Business: 082 1960

Vodacom Corporate: 082 1930

Collections: 082 1946

Calls to these lines are totally free from your Vodacom line. However, from other networks, you get to pay for the calls.

By the way, you can also reach out to Vodacom via email – your best option if you want to reactivate your Vodacom line.

Although the Vodacom website has a chat function, and the company stated you can contact them via chat, our experience with chat today 4 August 2020 was unsavoury. We initiated a chat and asked a question.

An agent only came online about 8 minutes later. And the question remained unanswered after 25 minutes. We had to close the chat window when no answer was given.

We have no idea the reason for this. But that was our experience.

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