Burna Boy Biography And Best Of All Time Songs

This time we are taking a closer look at Burna Boy. He has had an amazing couple of years and we want to check out his top 10 songs.

10. Like to Party

This was like the song that announced him and made a lot of people sit up and take note. As an artiste with Aristokrat Records then, he delivered the song in flowing lines and there were obvious traces then that he had what it took. We love it and it’s on the list.

9. Yawa Dey

This Leriq-produced beat was another of his songs that brought him fame. This one came fast-paced and he lived the party man life in this one. He’s been a jaye jaye man from the start. Even now, we can still hear him shouting ‘yawa dey o’.

8. Soke

This song saw him explore some of Baba Fela‘s lines. He has always been a Fela fan and this song was one of the earliest times he sampled lines and styles from the king. A must hear.

7. Devil in California

This song is one of the songs off his “Outside” and stood out as one of the top and maybe different songs on the project. We love it for sure and can’t wait to get more of this particular style from him.

6. Rock Your Body

If you heard this song then, the name should evoke good memories. This was a dancehall vibe then and stays one. Burna Boy has been killing dem beats since and we throw it back to this instance when he made us rock our bodies.

5. Pree Me

This song made the list. Surprising? Why? It’s one of our favorites. Produced by Leriq, this one is from his Redemption and we love it too as he took on enemies that turned friends and friends that turned enemies.

4. On The Low

THIS. SONG. This song was one of the songs that told everyone to quit sleeping on Burna Boy. He was big already but this song was one of the ones that came after his “Outside” and further established him as an artiste that can rule the industry.

3. Run My Race

This song has him experiment with another Fela sound before delving into some lines that stretch and push the sexual angle. With an accompanying music video shot and directed by Clarence Peters, Burna Boy dressed in an army camouflage delivered a song that reigned for long.

2. Gbona

This song got a lot of people crazy when it dropped. The accompanying steps too worked. For real though, Burna Boy has served us some top lines and this is one of them.

1. Ye

Should we or should we not add this? To be quite honest, this should be like a top 20 songs. This song deserves to be on the list as it stands as one of the top songs from him recently. We love it and it gets a spot here.

What other song do you think should make the list? Share in the comment section.

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