Top 20 Local South African (SA) Songs You Should Have In 2021

2021 is  already three months gone. What’s the state of your playlist? Have you been updating or you’ve fallen into the well of complacency and have stopped halfway?

As the months accelerate, you ought to be in motion as well, copping splendid numbers from the musos around you.

There have been so many releases that you have many numbers to pick from here in South Africa. In this post, we’ll be bringing you top South African songs we think you should have in 2021. Some of them were released this year; others were released much earlier.

The songs might have different release dates, but they have at least one thing in come, which is massive soulful appeal.

And no, we’re not talking a one-way street here. The songs on this list encapsulate several genres, from hip hop to amapiano. It is obvious, though, that amapiano rules the list. The songs are in no particular order, if you please.

Top 20 Local South African (SA) Songs You Should Have In 2021

1. Busta 929 & Mpura – Umsebenzi Wethu Ft. Zuma, Mr JazziQ, Lady Du & Reece Madlisa

“Umsebenzi Wethu” is an amapiano tune and one that delighted the amapiano crowd so much that they mounted a campaign on social media letting the world know the song ought to have been nominated for a Grammy.

There’s no amapiano category in the Grammys, but that did not deter the crowd. “Umsebenzi Wethu” is undeniably a fine number and deserving of some noise. You gotta check it out.

2. De Mthuda – John Wick Ft. Sir Trill & Da Muziqal Chef

Amapiano DJ and producer De Mthuda does not exactly bring you the story of John Wick with this number. That notwithstanding, you’ve got the assurance of a splendid musical experience listening to him and his pals Sir Trill and Da Muziqal Chef spit their bars on this song.

3. Mr JazziQ, Kabza De Small & Lady Du – Woza (Ft. Boohle)

“Woza” is another amapiano winner that you should check out. The song brings together several fine names in South African music, including the de facto King of amapiano, Kabza De Small.

4. DBN Gogo, Blaqnick & MasterBlaq – Khuza Gogo (Ft. Mpura, AmaAvenger & M.J)

“Khuza Gogo” is a liberating tune in which DBN Gogo sang her soul out alongside some of her friends. The soulful energy of this song is hard to miss. You should love it.

5. Kwiish SA – LiYoshona (Ft. Njelic, MalumNator & De Mthuda) [Main Mix]

With “LiYoshona,” Kwiish SA effortlessly pushes you from the field of boredom into a place of energy. This main mix, which features the amapiano champs De Mthuda, Njelic and MalumNator, will never lack for fans.

6. Musa Keys – Vula Mlomo (Ft. Sir Trill & Nobantu Vilakazi) [Radio Edit]

Musa effortlessly keys into the soul of his audience with his “Vula Mlomo” song for which he co-opted his pals Sir Trill and Nobantu Vilakazi.

7. DJ Obza – Idlozi Lami (Ft. Nkosazana & DJ Freetz)

“Idlozi Lami” is one of DJ Obza’s finest songs yet – a song you just cannot get enough of. Nkosazana and DJ Freetz are the guests on this number, which should appeal to audiences beyond its genre.

8. Junior De Rocka & Lady Du – Catalia (Ft. Mr JazziQ, Mellow & Sleazy)

Junior De Rocka and his pal Lady Du rock the boat of ennui with their collaborative “Catalia” song with Mr JazziQ and Mellow Sleazy as guests.

9. Blaq Diamond – SummerYoMuthi

Listening to “SummerYoMuthi” by South African boy band Blaq Diamond is like watching a sun rise in your soul. Scorcher is the word for this song which delighted South Africa so much on release, earning a hit tag in time. It may have been a while since the release of this song, it yet remains a lyrical winner.

10. DJ Stokie – Superman (Ft. Kabza De Small, Masterpiece YVK & Madumane)

“Superman” is one song in which DJ Stokie advertises so much creative power, the listener get to feel so warmth listening to him. Although the song in no way imbues him with superhuman powers, it yet advertises him as an artiste of merit.

11. Busta 929 – Paradise (Ft. Miano & 20ty Soundz)

“Paradise” is another winning tune you should be glad to check out. In this song, Busta 929 tapped the vocal resources of his pals Miano and 20ty Soundz. “Paradise” is actually paradise – lyrically speaking.

12. Joyous Celebration – Ndenzel’ Uncedo Hymn 377 (Live)

Joyous Celebration’s “Ndenzel’ Uncedo Hymn 377 (Live)” is one song that will actually bring joy to the Christian race. It’s a song of potent spiritual force that ought to be on the playlist of every believer out there.

13. Mi Casa – Mamela

The troika of J’Something, Dr Duda and Mo-T sing their souls out in this “Mamela” tune. The three friends mentioned earlier make up the Mi Casa collective. They’ve been together for over ten years and may be counted among the South African groups to take seriously.

14. Lady Du & DBN Gogo – Dakiwe (Ft. Mr JazziQ, Seekay & Busta 929)

When two ladies with great musical synergy link up, the result is usually splendid. Like now. DBN Gogo and Lady Du’s collaborative “Dakiwe” song, which features Seekay, Mr JazziQ and Busta 929, is a powerful and energizing number and one we recommend you check out.

15. Killer Kau & Mr JazziQ – Amaneighbour (Ft. Reece Madlisa, Zuma & ThackzinDJ)

“Amaneighbour” is a neighborly jam that brings together Killer Kau, Mr JazziQ, Reece Madlisa, Zuma & ThackzinDJ – a fierce collective. It’s a winning number that will appeal to many, whether they’re fans of the genre of expression or not.

16. Mr JazziQ & 9umba – uLazi (Ft. Zuma & Mpura)

Mr JazziQ has the good fortune of appearing on most of the numbers on our list. In his “uLazi” song, he leaves no one doubting he actually deserves his epaulets. His connection with Zuma. And Mpura on this song is something to applaud.

17. Busta 929 – Ekseni (Ft. Boohle & Zuma)

“Ekseni,” a song for which Busta 929 tapped the vocal resources of his pals Boohle and Zuma, is an invigorating tune and one that should keep you warm on demand. You gotta make a place for it on your playlist.

18. Masked Wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean

Masked Wolf is only masked not a wolf. The songster show knows how to entertain and keep his audience salivating for more. This much should be apparent in “Astronaut In The Ocean” – a symbolic title and a symbolic work. Not bad.

Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean / Tarzan Choreography

19. Mr JazziQ & Busta 929 – VSOP (Ft. Reece Madlisa, Zuma, Mpura, Riky Rick & 9umba)

It’s Mr JazziQ again! But then the musical producer deserves his credit. He’s earned them. “VSOP,” his collaborative work with Busta 929, Reece Madlisa Zuma, Mpura, Riky Rick and 9umba, is something to lap up and tell others about as well.

20. De Mthuda & Ntokzin – uMsholozi (Ft. MalumNator)

“uMsholozi” might have appeared last on the list, but it’s neither the last in message nor in musical appeal. It’s a winning tune in its own right and one that brings together three friends who also share great musical connection.

It is apparent – from this list – that amapiano has made radical inroads in the consciousness of the music-loving public and the genre cannot be written of just yet.

What do you think of the songs on our list, though? Would you have adopted something similar or drawn up something new entirely? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, if you please. Yes?

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