What Does ‘Piety’ Mean? Definition, Define ‘Pious’ – And Etymology

Here is the meaning of the five-letter word, ‘Piety,’ its definition, the meaning of ‘Pious,’ and its etymology.

First, ‘Piety’ has nothing to do with ‘Pie.’

‘Piety’ is defined as the firm belief in religion shown in how a person lives. That is how the Cambridge dictionary defines it.

It is easy to confuse the word with something to do with ‘Pie’ because of how it is spelled. However, you must know that it means a whole other thing away from hot meat.

The Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines it as “the quality or state of being pious.”

To be ‘Pious’ means to have a strong belief in religion. It also means to live in a way or manner that shows your religion to people.

“Piety” comes from the Middle English word “piete,” which means “mercifulness, compassion, sympathy.”

It was borrowed from the Middle French “pieté,” derived from the Latin word, “pietās,” meaning a “dutiful conduct, sense of duty.”

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