Who Is Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo From The Wife On Showmax

Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo’s name is currently buzzing in Mzansi’s film universe, and he’s justly thought of as one of the best actors out there. But, of course, he didn’t start from the top. 

He had played the role of Qhawe in the series The Wife, the flick by which he also became generally known to members of the public. 

He had auditioned for the role in March 2021, according to him, and he just waited until he got a call and was told he’d be playing the role of Qhawe. 

And although he played a character with a dark personality, he doesn’t have the same nature in real life even though, like the character, he was into the taxi business. Unlike the Zulu brothers, he’s not into heists. 

Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo going into the movie industry should not come as a surprise because when he was much younger, he watched most of the movies his father bought. 

He especially had a fondness for Jean Claude van Damme’s movies and confessed to imitating the actor at some point. Also, he had a love for hiking in its pure form, recalling a time he’d walk in the mountains to hunt. He grew up in the village. 

After completing matric, he took up a course but dropped out three months later. 

At this point, he realised he wanted to delve into the world of acting. To fulfil that burning desire, he elected to enrol at the Durban University of Technology, where he completed a degree in drama. 

With that degree, he was better armed to delve into the world of acting. He took the leap, and it’s not something he regrets. The reception for his acting, especially on , is massive, and Ngcobo can only look forward to giving more of himself in his roles. 

With his lavish good look and effortless flow on set, Ngcobo has also found himself as the centre of attention by many ladies whom he’s never met. Some of them routinely post his pictures and call him their crush.

The actor has no quarrel with this. He instead sees it as the way the ladies choose to support him.

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