Candy Man & Drega drop Remix of Afro Warriors’ “Higher” Ft. Zano

Candy Man & Drega deliver a brand new remix of “Higher” by Afro Warriors featuring Zano.

One thing about remixes is that it brings a lot of scrutiny to people’s works. Everyone loves their favourite songs perfect, so they get suspicious when anyone drops a remix of it. However, it is always fun to hear song remixes that sound just as good as the original.

Like in this case. When the Afro Warriors dropped “Higher” featuring Zano, their fans quickly loved it. Everyone who heard it did. It has since become a favourite for many, and continues to be appreciated. Now, we’ve got a brand new remix of the song which we believe is just as good as the original.

We will let you be the judge of that. Talented musos, Candy Man and Drega have teamed up to drop a couple of remixes including this one. We must confess, it is quite the listen. Simply stream and download the song below.

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