Blaqnick & MasterBlaq – The Whistling Man (feat. Uncle Jo)

Join us for a musical “Blaqout” as Blaqnick and MasterBlaq spill their souls in a song titled “The Whistling Man,” featuring Uncle Jo.

Call it a local gathering of champions and you won’t be guilty of mendacity. Anyway, the three artistes have created a song that will not only excite the amapiano crowd but lovers of good music generally. Not bad.

Amapiano is the zeitgeist in South Africa right now, so we’re not surprised Blaqnick and MasterBlaq should work on a song in the genre, featuring Uncle Jo. And one can’t fault their creation, either. “The Whistling Man” is actually a splendid jam. Something to rock and rock again.

While we can’t say if it can get you listening, we’re confident you wouldn’t mind a second listening session with this number.

Wouldn’t you rather join us as we take a break with “The Whistling Man”? Rest assured you’re going to love every minute vibing with this song. Come on, say, “The Whistling Man”!

How would you rate this amapiano tune on a scale of zero to ten? You might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go.

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