Dre Addresses Police Brutality with “Captured From A iPhone”

Dre is clearly unimpressed with the state od race relations in the United States, and he addresses this, as well as cop brutality, in his latest song "Captured From A iPhone.

“Captured From A iPhone” comes with a music video that should speak to just about anyone conversant with America’s history.

The title of the song apparently mirrors the trending video of the cop Chauvin as he pinned George Floyd to the ground with his knee. George died later, provoking national outrage and protest.

Bystanders captured the video of George’s encounter with Chauvin and his death with their iPhones. Thus “Captured From an iPhone.” This song also details the background of cop terror and the songster as a witness of them in his early years.

The lyrics suggest the situation has worsened right now, the terrorizing of black life by cops, and Dre subtly denounces it. Really, you gotta listen to this song. It is fire. It might get you angry with the situation on the ground.

Isn’t that the purpose of the song, after all? We invite you to join us as we update our playlist with this lyrical fire from one of America’s finst voices. You’ve got nothing to lose, man.

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