Espacio Dios – The First Kind EP

After promising that a new body of world would drop in three days, Mafikeng-born musician Espacio Dios has lived up to that promise by dropping the compilation. “The First Kind” EP is here, peeps.

The title of the project is pretty symbolic because it is actually the “first kind” from the singer, who is just 18 years old and beginning to navigate the waters of South African music. Still, it is a project with a distinct voice and something you should have no trouble appreciating.

The compilation bears exactly four tracks and just one guest artist. Maglera Doe Boy popped in track 3 while the rest of the tracks have no guests whatsoever.

As a “starter pack,” the EP “The First Kind” gives more than a glimpse of what to expect from Espacio Dios in the coming years. He’s a new and energising talent and one y’all should keep an eye on as the months roll by.

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