Folu Presents Umlilo (Live), Ft. Chante Heart & Takie Ndou

Gospel minister Folu is out with a new track titled “Umlilo (Live),” featuring Chante Heart and Takie Ndou.

“Umlilo (Live)” is part of the gospel musician’s imminent “Grace Signature” EP. This 6-track compilation, which also has Emmanuel Eze as guest, plays for exactly 28 minutes. The EP will be available on digital stores on 29 January.

“Umlilo (Live)” is the third track in that body of work, just below “Easy to Love” and just above “By the Blood.” You might want to imagine “Umlilo (Live)” as something to hold on to until 29 January – a musical pacifier.

“Umlilo (Live)” is a winner, a deeply moving song with potent spiritual energy. You might not ask for it, but, listening to this song, you get to experience the fire of the soirit afresh.

In fact, on the strength of this song, we see many out there looking forward to the EP. Not bad, really. We might share the EP on release, s stay tuned.

What do you think of “Umlilo (Live)” by Folu? Would you be looking forward to the EP on the strength of the song? You may want to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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