Inkos’yamagcokama – Ngomthetho Omdala (Remake)

South African Maskandi artist Inkos’yamagcokama has released a brand new rendition of a traditional classic, titled “Ngomthetho Omdala (Remake).” This modern take on the classic Maskandi song brings fresh energy and contemporary appeal to the timeless tune, while still honoring the roots of the genre.

“Ngomthetho Omdala (Remake)” is a vibrant and lively track that showcases Inkos’yamagcokama’s musical prowess, blending traditional Maskandi elements with modern influences. The song incorporates the characteristic rhythms and melodies of the Maskandi genre, while also introducing innovative arrangements and instrumentation that cater to contemporary audiences.

Inkos’yamagcokama’s unique and unmistakable voice soars above the rich tapestry of sounds, drawing listeners into the song’s narrative. The lyrics, which tell a story of culture,

Ngomthetho Omdala (Remake)

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