Lady Du, Zuma & Busta 929 – Thula ft. Knowley-D

Lady Du, Zuma and Busta 929 delivers a powerful message on single ‘Thula’

Lady Du, a renowned South African singer and composer, is celebrated for her timeless music and for expanding the frontiers of SA music. She has won numerous awards and sold multiple platinum albums, with a musical career that began at a young age. Lady Du comes from a musical family, which helped shape her into an astute businesswoman as well as a talented musician. Recently, she opened a beauty salon and serves as an inspiration to many young women.

Lady Du has collaborated with the internationally recognized brand Ellesse, and over the past year, she has been working on various projects, including her highly anticipated album. She is back with a new single titled “Thula,” featuring up-and-coming talent Knowley-D and recorded in conjunction with Zuma and Busta 929.

Lady Du is an exceptional vocalist and storyteller known for her mind-blowing performances. “Thula” carries a powerful message throughout, with the word “Thula” derived from the Zulu language, which means “hard labor,” “dedication,” and “doing your best while staying in your lane.” Zuma emphasizes the importance of appreciating those around you, including your craft, family, and money, to succeed in life.

When Lady Du, Zuma, and Busta 929 collaborate, they become a formidable force, and their latest release is no exception. Their new single “Thula” is stunning, potent, and lighthearted, offering a much-needed song for society. Fans can expect nothing less than excellence from this trio’s latest work.

Lady Du, Zuma & Busta 929 – Thula ft. Knowley-D

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