Lincoln Long Performs Mbilu For ‘Soft’ & Releases “Moonshot Mix”

'Soft' (Seeing Our Future Today) is swiftly earning attention as a key digital performance space in South Africa

Back in March, Lincoln Long released his first mixtape, Moonshot. Bearing 11-tracks and two features, the Lincoln applies his rap skill over upbeat instrumentals. In addition to writing his own songs, he produced the mixtape himself.

His production skills have been used by artists like 2Lee Stark, Huey, and Anga (Gallo Music). With Moonshot, the world sees him bringing together his production with his flair for storytelling, particularly in XiTsonga. His sound is warm and pop-esque, but uniquely African. The subject matter of Moonshot centres around past and current romances, difficulties within families, and the experiences of chasing a dream. As an introvert, he sought to encompass his own personality and create a type of introspective journey for the listener to travel along.

When selected to perform his music on ‘soft’, Lincoln delivered a powerful performance of “Mbilu.” A song about not losing hope. Lincoln explains the single a story of a lover who has gone to chase their dream in another city but leaves behind a family in the process. “in the song, there’s a girl I’m talking to, and I’m telling her that I’m in Joburg, working hard, and [for her] not to lose hope.”

In addition to performing the single on ‘soft’, Lincoln has just released the Moonshot Mix. The 10-minute mix is a shortened version of the mixtape that whets the appetite enough to spark curiosity for the Waterval, Limpopo muso.

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