Shakes & Les & Ice Beats Slide – Stov’ Sik’ Sikisi Ft. Sbuda Maleather & 031choppa

Shakes & Les and Ice Beats Slide link up for a new tune titled “Stov’ Sik’ Sikisi,” and featuring Sbuda Maleather and 031choppa. Local champs, that’s what comes to mind from looking at the list of collaborators. But, of course, we mean that positively

“Stov’ Sik’ Sikisi” is a number of undeniable lyrical appeal, and we are confident that it will appeal to you just like it appealed to us. The songsters on the beat share a musical synergy that is hard to miss, and we love how they managed to sustain interest from the beginning of the song right down to the end.

With the weekend already upon us, and “Stov’ Sik’ Sikisi” fierce in its appeal, we are adding it to our playlist for the musical run this weekend, and we encourage you to do the same. Ultimately, you should be glad you did. Wouldn’t you rather start right away?

Stov’ Sik’ Sikisi

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