Ndlovu Youth Choir – Grateful Ft. 25K

Gratitude is a quality lacking in most people — well, not Ndlovu Youth Choir, South Africa’s pop collective. The group is “Grateful,” as amplified by a recently released album and the eponymous track in review. 

This track had 25k, a notable Mzansi rapper, as the sole guest. 

In a world where many are self-centred ingrates, Ndlovu Youth Choir takes a different turn, sodden with gratitude for the support they have received and continue to receive in their musical journey. 

Hitherto unknown, the group had risen magnificently through South Africa’s music orbit and even performed on a global stage in the United States. 

Of course, it took fan interest to go from nothing to something, from obscurity to fame. To all those who have aided the group’s rise in one way or the other, the group loudly declaims, we’re “Grateful.” 

The choice of 25k on this song is not something that can be faulted. The songster flowed beautifully with the pop collective, creating a number that’s memorable and enjoyable. 

The song is potent enough for us to have faith in its ability to transform people or convert them into the grateful fold — a collective that appreciates the role of others in their lifting. 

Ndlovu Youth Choir – Grateful Ft. 25K

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