Shane Eagle – Green Album

South African rapper Shane Eagle goes “Green” in a new rap compilation which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music.

What comes to mind with a title like “Green.” You might be off the mark if you think the title suggests some environmental proselytizing.

That notwithstanding, you can rest assured you’re in for a good time with this compilation. Shane Eagle was aflame spitting his bars in his latest collection, never one to sell his listeners to the daemons of boredom.

“Green” album bears 18 tracks in all, beginning on a note of “Paranoia” and ending with “Chrome Heart.” In between are numbers like “Street Fighter,” “Moving Spirit,” “Be Frank,” and “Sistine Chapel”, and we’re still counting.


NO Title Artist Time
1 Paranoia Shane Eagle 1:42
2 STREETFIGHTER Shane Eagle 1:58
3 Moving Spirit Shane Eagle 1:20
4 To Be Frank Shane Eagle 1:57
5 Sistine Chapel Shane Eagle 1:55
6 Numerology Shane Eagle 6:29
7 Road Signs (feat. Omari Hardwick) Shane Eagle 4:37
8 Not for Sale Shane Eagle 2:28
9 Pillow Shane Eagle 1:40
10 War Paint Shane Eagle 2:36
11 Metal Slug Shane Eagle 1:54
12 Break the Loop Shane Eagle 2:28
13 Pet Dragon Shane Eagle 1:42
14 SKYDREAM (feat. redveil) Shane Eagle & monte booker 2:23
15 Green Shane Eagle 3:00
16 A Ladder Shane Eagle 2:21
17 Memory Shane Eagle 2:46
18 Chrome Heart Shane Eagle 2:02

For a compilation of 18 tracks, it’s interesting that Shane eagle should pick just two feature artists. Omari Hardwick and Red Veil were the only guests on the project.

Shane eagle wanted to assert himself, and he did so beautifully. The result is a compilation that will not lack for fans.

This album might ring rap, but it’s charming enough to snap the attention of any music lover out there. So you can embrace it right away without qualms.

Shane Eagle – Green Album

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