Skiibii – Baddest Boy (Remix) Ft. Davido

Nigerian songster Skiibii is clearly still as bad as they come. At least that’s the verdict listeners would readily come up with after their encounter with his latest drop, “Baddest Boy,” featuring Davido

The idea of “baddest” in this case is mere cruise – as Nigerians would say. It has nothing to do with being bad. Far from it. The references are, in fact, to accomplishments. You might say success.

And these accomplishments invariably open other doors, leading to, well, more success.

“Baddest Boy” as a song title might appear comical in the sense that it might create the impression that two people are fighting for that title. First off, Davido is simply known as “Baddest” to his fans.

Skiibii is not similarly identified. But as the lead singer on the song, he’s supposedly the “Baddest Boy,” right? Anyway, this dissection aside, the pals’ collaborative jam is worth vibing to.

As usual, Davido brings an electric performance to the beat. Paired with Skiibii, the result is a number that any music lover out there would readily lap up. You gotta join the buddies, then, and let them treat you to a creative side of them

And if you’re an amapiano freak, you can check out the amapiano remix of that number.

Skiibii – Baddest Boy (Remix) Ft. Davido

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