Uncle Waffles, Shakes & Les – Sghubuhandro

Uncle Waffles, Shakes, and Les collaborate on the album’s opening track, “Sghubuhandro.” The song is an upbeat and energetic Amapiano track that is sure to get listeners moving. The track features a prominent piano melody and driving percussion, along with catchy vocal hooks and ad-libs from Shakes and Les. Uncle Waffles, the producer behind the track, shows off his skills with a mix of traditional Amapiano elements and modern production techniques. The result is a fresh and exciting take on the genre.

With “Sghubuhandro,” Uncle Waffles, Shakes, and Les demonstrate their ability to create a party-ready track that still feels unique and inventive. The song’s infectious energy and catchy hooks make it a standout on the album, and it sets the tone for the rest of the tracks to follow. Fans of Amapiano and dance music in general are sure to enjoy this high-energy opening track.


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