031Choppa – Nkabicardi Pack Album

When appetising food is served, more likely than not, people would eat and even ask for more. Well, we’re here to let you know that there is such food on the table, albeit not in the sense you might have in mind. Now, help yourself to 031Choppa’s “Nkabicardi Pack” album.

This recently released compilation has just three tracks, beginning with “Ama Superstar” and ending with “Ngcono Bang’yeke.” Between those is a number dubbed “Serious.” The likes of Anatii, Pcee, Ice Beats Slide, and Sbuda Maleather made the guest list.

“Nkabicardi Pack” is an intriguing offering on many levels. First off, it shows the ingenuity of the rapper as he blends elements from hip hop, bacardi and even amapiano, creating a memorable offering that is as engaging as can be.

It is impossible to listen to this compact compilation and still find yourself entrapped in the prison of boredom. Impossible. Now go find out.

Nkabicardi Pack


  1. 031choppa ft Ice Beats Slide & 2Kultured – Ama Superstar
  2. 031choppa ft Sbuda Maleather, Ice Beats Slide & ShakesxLes – Serious
  3. 031choppa ft Ice Beats Slide & ShakesxLes – Ngcono Bang’Yeke
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