AKA – Crown ft. Emtee & Manana

AKA – Mbuzi Freestyle ft. Thato Saul

South African rappers AKA and Emtee have collaborated on a new track titled “Crown,” which was released on February 24, 2023. The song is the third track on their joint album MASS COUNTRY.

“Crown” features Manana (SA) and was produced by Christer (SA), FDeeeZus, and one other producer. The song opens with a catchy chorus by AKA, in which he declares his confidence in his abilities and his determination to stay on top. Emtee then takes over the mic for the second verse, in which he shares his own struggles and triumphs, expressing his gratitude for the blessings in his life.

The lyrics of “Crown” are full of references to the rappers’ experiences and the challenges they have faced, and they are delivered with confidence and conviction. The beat is smooth and laid-back, allowing the rappers’ voices to take center stage.

Overall, “Crown” is a solid addition to AKA and Emtee’s repertoire, and it showcases their ability to collaborate effectively and deliver quality music. Fans of South African hip-hop are sure to enjoy this track and the rest of the MASS COUNTRY album.

AKA – Crown ft. Emtee & Manana

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