ALBUM: Mr JazziQ – Party With The English (PWTE)

It is party time, or so South African producer Mr JazziQ would have us believe with his “Party With The English (PWTE)” albu. The project has only just been release, but it looks like the fire of it will burn for a long time

“Party With The English (PWTE)” is no surprise drop. Mr JazziQ had apprised fans of the project’s imminence, sharing the cover art of Instagram, before eventually releasing it.

Looking back, one might say that the wait for the project has not been in vain. Mr JazziQ has releasd a body of work comparable in musical appeal to anything he has released so previously.

For this body of work, Mr JazziQ had co-opted some of his pals in the industry, including Mpura, Busta 929, FakeLove, Kabza De Small, Reece Madlisa, Zuma, MDU aka TRP, Mellow and Sleazy.

A rich guest list the champ has got there. Not surprisingly, the compilation is patently sumptuous. Song after song, you might find yourslf asking for more a la Oliver twist. Not bad.

Do you rate “Party With The English (PWTE),” though? Why or wy not?  You may want to check out the compilation below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Party With The English

Mr JazziQ

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2021-04-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: ZA
  • Track Count: 10


NO Title Artist Time
1 Lerato (feat. Mpura, Purple Mellow & Busta 929) Mr JazziQ 8:00
2 Sebenzela Wena (feat. The Majesties & MDU aka TRP) Mr JazziQ 6:25
3 Woza (feat. Boohle) Mr JazziQ, Kabza De Small & Lady Du 6:31
4 Picture JunkPark (feat. Mpura & FakeLove) Mr JazziQ 7:19
5 Nomayini (feat. Boohle & Mellow & Sleazy) Mr JazziQ 6:56
6 Tshepi (feat. Kay Invictus, Vic Typhoon, Mellow & Sleazy) Mr JazziQ 6:50
7 Le Tin (feat. Kabza De Small, Zuma & Reece Madlisa) Mr JazziQ 5:32
8 Rockit (feat. Soul Revolver, Mellow & Sleazy) Mr JazziQ 6:23
9 Kunana (feat. Soul Revolver & Koppz Avenue) Mr JazziQ 7:29
10 PWTE (feat. Soul Revolver, Mellow & Sleazy) Mr JazziQ 5:42
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