Apple Gule Shares SOUR EP

is out with a new compilation titled “SOUR” EP, which you can stream here on UbeToo. 

The body of work may only just have been released, but it has been in the consciousness of the music-loving public for sometime now. Yeah, Universal Music Group had informed the public of the imminence of the song, urging them to pre-order it as well as follow the songster on social media. 

Well, the body of work is here finally and it sounds like something to vibe with. Yup. The compilation might be lean on tracks, but as should be apparent presently, it isn’t lean on musical appeal. In fact, one might call it a musical treat without fear of conviction for mendacity. 

This compilation bears four tracks in all – fine numbers that should speak to the experiences of many out there. Does the title of the compilation presuppose the experience is going to be a sour one? Not  really. 

On the contrary, you get to experience something splendid – something that speaks to your spirit and ultimately makes you surrender to it.

How would you rate the album, though? Do you see yourself rocking it all day? We invite you to check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments. 

SOUR EP Tracks

NO Title Artist Time
1 Move 2:37
2 Cold Love 4:14
3 Sink O’ Swim (TommyV Remix) 4:13
4 Have It All 2:58
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