Benny Maverick – We Don’t Play The Same Piano Vol. 1

Benny Maverick releases new mix "We Dont Play The Same Piano"

Benny Maverick releases a brand new mix titled “We Don’t Play The Same Piano”.

With all that’s happening in the world right now, a little comfort would be appreciated. It seems like every passing day, something new happens that sends everyone into a frenzy. Now, Mzansi DJ and producer, Benny Maverick is looking to provide some comfort with his brand new mix.

Benny has been consistent in his delivery of hits. The talented muso has dropped some amazing tunes over time including “Vosho”, “Wena”, “Omunye”, “Crime Of Passion” and more. Now, he takes to the scene with a brand new offering that will touch a lot of hearts.

Taking to Instagram, he revealed his hopes that the mix sheds a little light and brings joy to everyone who hears it. He calls it “We Dont Play The Same Piano”. This one aims straight for the heart, and for that, we thank him.

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