Blackbwoy & Lady Du – Khuphuka ft. Man’s, RARA & Token DJ

Blackbwoy and Lady Du pop into the UbeToo orbit with an early weekend gift, a song titled “Khuphuka,” featuring associates Man’s, RARA and Token DJ.

If the guests on the list don’t quite sound familiar to you, best believe that you’re not alone. But then there’s nothing to quarrel with here because the songsters did well as a team.

Yeah. For three guests whose collaborative history we’re not quite familiar with, they still managed to give an excellent performance.

The result? Beyond the thrill of the moment, we will now have our eyes trained on whatever might pop out of their orbits, whether they elect to work with the lead singers on this song or not.

“Khuphuka” might not be the finest song we have heard this week, but we can tell you fo free that it’s one of the songs you can have on your playlist for a long time without regrets.

Lady Du, one of the key voices on the song, is also one of the eminent voices on South Africa’s music plane. She brought so much soul to her verse, leaving the listener with no option. It to nod along.

Well, let the music begin, people. No qualms.

Blackbwoy & Lady Du – Khuphuka ft. Man’s, RARA & Token DJ

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